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This week I have done many tests, to upgrade the firmware (ArduCopter-vrubrain-v51-PPM) several times, re-calibrate the radio, replace the receiver, replace the receiver with a Futaba radio and instead of Turnigy, I changed the parameters of the standard maximum of 0.2 Yaw P, 025 I got 1.0 but the only change was the non-proportionality of the command,
but this did not solve the problem, when I do turn on itself the drone turns very slowly to the left and right.
I would like to arrive at a solution whether it is a problem of firmware parameters or open a RMA to control the VR Micro Brain.

best regards Fabio

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Hi Fabio,

what's the configuration of  your drone ? 

What propeller ? Motors and Wheight ? 

Normally this kind of iusse is related to PID on YAW or related to esc calibration. What kind of esc are you using? There are some option to check and some debug to doing on mission planner for check what could be the problem . On Mission Planner is simple to check what is the control that flight control send to esc. You need to going inside raw channel and check  the output , when you move the stick you see on raw output the quantity of control and time of reaction to the flight control to your stick movment 

Try to contact me to skype the account is : virtualrobotix so i can check with you your drone setup and parametrization.



There is also another new parameter called ATC ACC present only in new revision of firmware that smooth the control of drone it's developed by leonard for beginner . Check if it's active or not in full parameter list.


Hello Roberto,
Today I carried out of flights to test the parameters and found an acceptable compromise by increasing the Stab Yaw P value of 4.5 to 6.5 and improved. 
I tried the new M8 GPS and it was superb in it to loiter in PosHold  and Circle, sat with HDOP 1.1 minimum 15, maximum 20 sat with HDOP 0.98, almost perfect even though there were glich has never exceeded 1.5 HDOP.
I was unable to load the new firmware, the Mission Planner ( build 1.1.5326.32113) gave me error dowload (see photo).

This is the command Circle 

I attach the log.



Ciao Fabio, try downloading the standard firmware (3.1.x) not the beta.

I think you will find the 3.2-rc3 firmware.

Until there will be the final release we will be updating the standard firmware download with the release candidate.

Regarding the Yaw, it has been fixed in recent updates, and you should find it in the new firmware.

But if you want to try you can set the ATC_FF_ENABLE to 1.


Ciao Emile,
The new firmware 3.2RC3 is designed for PWM?
Ok for the ATC_FF_ENABLE the parameter sets to 1.

In the Mission Planner after resetting the parameters I parameter to 0 while in the specification of a minimum and a maximum see these parameters:
ATC_ACCEL_RP_MAX, 0.000000            20000-100000
ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX, 0.000000              20000-100000
while these are not within the range of specifications:
ATC_RATE_RP_MAX, 18000.00
ATC_RATE_Y_MAX, 9000.000
ATC_SLEW_YAW, 1000.000

regards Fabio



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