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In this video is possible to see the quality of autonomous fly on VR uBrain 5.

We set the VRX300 at 15 m of altitude 10m from the car and activate the follow mode . 

In parameter i set max speed of 8 m/s .

The GPS used in the test is the new VR GPS 8 our new multi constellation GPS.



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Every time I'm more happy to see the progress of their flight controllers, I wanted to buy a VR uBrain 5.1 for a frame of 270mm, but I'm not sure if that flight controller will be in the ability to be used professionally and not as a hobby, the project I'm working requires great features for use in escorting merchant ships, supervision and monitoring of air spaces in industrial buildings, etc.., but I've heard on a VR Brain 5.0 Pro.

Will be the VR Brain 5.0 Pro, compatible with small frames (300mm 270mm or 250mm)?

Hi Winston,

for custom application in VRX can implement special solution on customers request . We have a special development program for professional user . If you need more information send me the tech specification of your project to 



looks great, is follow me also controlling pitch of the gimbal? very smooth.

Yes , sure we develop a very smooth micro gimbal controller for VRX300 now is under development for optimize the mechanical part of gimbal but all yet work very well :)

The VR uGimbal is connected to Vr uBrain that control in realtime pitch and roll.

Thanks Roberto! I will send you an email with the project specifications and demanding characteristics or capabilities.



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