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FrSky have radio TX modules to use on Futaba, Hitec, JR at a low cost. + a DIY transmitter module that can be used on almost any radio.

HobbyKing product page

The FrSky receiver have a serial connector that can be used for custom codes or FrSky´s telemetry Sensor Hub

On the Transmitter you get a serial connection that can be used with a FrSky LCD, computer, phone..

I have a Futaba 9C Super, and have ordered this combo + LCD and firmware upgrade cables..

There is a project where the firmware on a Turnigy 9X radio is modified to support FrSky telemetry in the radio display, and the code used is open

Video demo on youtube

FrSky Download Page

My hope was to get FrSky telemetry support in the VR Telemetry Board. Connecting the VR Telemetry Board to the serial connector on the FrSky receiver.

I´m waiting on my MP32F4-IMU :-)

I have done some programming (windows software and websites in .net (vb and c#) but are new to STM32 and ATmega, but plan to use some time this winter trying to learn.

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I had a look at the er9x source. Seems that FrySky uses a standard RS232 setting (not as the bad JETI setting which doesn't work direct with the STM32).

So a direct connection to the MP32 Board (without telemetrie board) should be possible too.

We 'only' have to port the functions in the frysky.cpp/frysky.h to the STM32 cpu.

I do not have the telemetry board, but have ordered a small ATmega644P breakout board that I plan tu use for testing.
My plan is to get Mavlink to frsky code running on the atmega, so that it can be added to the telemetry board later.
Is it Mavlink that is used for telemetry out on the mp32 or only to interconnect boards?

Yes True,

the mavlink is used only for share the info between the Telemetry board and MP32FX



Found this Frsky X12D radio thread on

Maybe this radio can be adapted so MP32x settings can be set/altered from the radio + showing telemetry data.. (support both Tx→Rx and Rx→Tx transparent telemetry transmission) + Any third-party development is welcome



Info from the page:

And now the specs:
- built-in module, while the other module (Futaba case) can be connected externally. You can select which one of the two to work, or two at the same time to establish a two-module two-frequency (2.4 + other band) system. FrSky coming long range system module and TF module are also supported as external module. TF module is coming Frsky FASST compatible telemetry module.
- Number of channels: 12ch + 6ch (3+3 extensible)
- ARM M4 core processor (512K FLASH, 128K RAM)
- 212*64 LED back-light LCD
- Audio earphone output
- 32 native memories + SD card (data logger + extended memories)
- Free RTOS operation system/Fr GUI self-developed by FrSky

Any third-party development is welcome, and FrSky are willing to provide necessary hardware and software support. Protocol and diagram will be open to all, while source code will be open to qualified developers.

FrSky telemetry module with new PXX protocol
- Three modes selectable: V8 (non-telemetry 8ch), D8 (telemetry 8ch), D16 (telemetry 16ch)
- D16 mode: PXX only; support both Tx→Rx and Rx→Tx transparent telemetry transmission; support radio-side options for bind, range check, normal working, failsafe and model match
- PXX/PPM auto detect

Release date: season 3.

 From what I've gathered about the FrSky it's not two way per se. The downlink works just fine but going up is another story. The reciver needs some work to be able to send RS 232 to it. The bandwidth will be very limited it can't do 9600 baud. It can handshake at 9600 but I believe it is limited to less to 1200 baud. Just saying, the frames going up take up most of the bandwidth. But if you're just sending waypoints or such it might be possible. I took a look at it and I'm still interested to some extent.

  Oh, wait a min. What's this new PXX protocol? Something has changed? I'll go check it out at FrSky.



I just wrote software for our small electronics that can read mavlink and then outputs data to frsky telemetry. We can now catch basically all data that comes from telemetry ports on vrbrain / ardupilot and other mavlink compatible flight controllers. 

I will finalize softwares for it and post better blog shortly



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