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Now when it gets darker towards winter, this may be a smart thing?

A small module that can control the LED strips, buzzer.. and give different light signals depending on flight mode, low battery, armed/disarmed from MAVLink info.

Can this be used with VBRAIN/MP32Fx? or can all tis be done using the onboard ports (VBrain - Led 1,2,3..) ?


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It can be used with every device that has MAVLink 1.0 support. As Roberto has done great work of porting original ArduCopter on ARM. jD-IOBoard will work 100% with VRBrain.

One main reason why we made this was to remove load from main processors in both computing ways and also as electrical load. 

Great, then I'm going to try one.


You can get those from jDrones store and software is on our Arducodes repository on Google Code.

Latest configurator is always on our website. It has automatic updates so it will update it self if new updates has been released. There will be many addons coming. 

One big addon that will be soon there is FrSky protocol support. After that you can catch all MAVLink messages to IOBoard and if you have FrSky modules in use, it will translate MAVLink to FrSky and you can get readings out from FrSky compatible displays.

I have FrSky with telemetry + LCD display on my Futaba 9c super, so that is great news
can it be conected directly to the rx module?

Yes it can. We will use IOBoard pins D5, D6 to connect directly to FrSky RX's telemetry port. 

Superb :-)
The next Must be a better LCD module to mount on the TX that supports mavlink and frsky telemetry and have flightlog storage. So GPS data can be used if the quad/plane.. Is lost - if mavlink is used, alter config..

Ok will work on it too :)

Then I have ordered one for my new quad, and one for my hexa :-)

First test release of MAVLink/FrSky IOBoard software is on download area at

I would love to get some feedback on it. About 50% of FLD-02 display elements are working with this software. 

Connect IOBoard pin D5 to your FrSky telemetry TX port.

I'll give you feedback on it, but i guess it takes 1-2 weeks before they are here. I'm ready if you ned help with pilot testing hardware/software :-)

Hi Jani

I got 3 IOBoards today, but I have some problems trying to use the JD-IOBOard setup

When I try to connect, I get "Failed to tak to bootloader"


If I connect the led strips - the leds blink, so I think the module is ok??

Is there a problem with my ftdi adapter??



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