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Now when it gets darker towards winter, this may be a smart thing?

A small module that can control the LED strips, buzzer.. and give different light signals depending on flight mode, low battery, armed/disarmed from MAVLink info.

Can this be used with VBRAIN/MP32Fx? or can all tis be done using the onboard ports (VBrain - Led 1,2,3..) ?


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oyvind, it looks like we have small problem on software side. .NET ArduinoTK library that we are using on Configurator seems to be too sensitive for some boards and gives timeouts. Your board is just fine as we test program them all before shipping. 

We are already trying to fix this problem with Arduinio LIB.

Ok, do you have files that can be opened in the arduino software (the Mavlink +frsky config) so I can try program my ioboard ?
I have 3 iomodules, and have tested 2 with the same result.

Have ordered a nef ftdi adapter.




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