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This is the first picture of VR BRAIN 4.5 + VR IMU GOLD.

Thi new imu expand the number of imu available for VRBrain .

With this addon is possible to have two active imu controlled by VR Brain.

On VR IMU Gold there are 3ACC 3GYRO 3 MAGN and a EEPROM for store temperature drift correction table.

With this kind of option we intend to improve a lot the quality of VRBrain for GOLD (Prosumer version ) and VRBrain PRO.

Now we are in development stages :) This is a good hack for your VR Brain 4.5 ;) 

The main advantages for Arducopter32 rev 3.1rc3 is that with external IMU is more simple to have less problem with vibration , and is possible to put the magnetometer far , too electromagnetic fields.

This two option is very important to have a affordable and very high quality sensor data for your high speed cpu.

Is yet available in the code repository a branch that support external imu for your VRBrain 4.5

this is the link :

The imu is connected to SPI3 of VRBrain , but the onboard imu still available on other SPI1 so is possible to implement a code to read the two imu at same time to have more affordable data for your ahrs algorithm.




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