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April 2013 Blog Posts (10)

VR GIMBAL : 3 Axis 32bit Direct Drive Gimbal is coming !

This is main board normally put on Gimbal frame near the Quad . 

This is the two options imu available normally is on camera module: 

2 axis with 3 accelerometer and 3 gyroscope 3 magnetometer in one version we use mpu6050 and in…


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ArduCopter (VR Brain) - First test with AndroPilot in "guided" and "follow me" mode by Marco Robustini

Today Marco doing a great test with his Hexa and VRBrain  he used firmware Arducopter32 2.9.2b developed by official DIYDRONES Team and ported on VRBrain and supported by VRI Lab Team.

The Dev Team doing a great work :) The main advantages of VRBRain is that is 30x faster of standard APM 2.5. The main difference is processor: VR…


Added by Roberto Navoni on April 25, 2013 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

Virtual Robotix italia store and website available now !!!

We are working on our new store and website . We are working hard on new and exting technology for advanced next generation drone.

On our website you can found a lot of information and detail about our product : BOD a new concept of customizable drone ...

Gola-kele  a great and professional frame for…


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Arducopter , Arduplane and Ardurover firmware based on AP_HAL library are now available on VRBrain for beta testing


After an hard work  VR Lab team finish the porting of AP_HAL library to VRBRAIN.

Now we start doing first test on Arducopter rev 3.0 and Arduplane 2.71 . 

Emile yet start to do first test on Arducopter rev 3.0 the great news is  that in the next week we start to doing the first test of Arduplane on VRBrain . Our beta tester is Daniele Avagadri .…


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Inside MIT’s Hobby Shop


It’s remarkable how the MIT Hobby Shop presages aspects of the hackerspace movement…

In the 1937-38 academic year, Vannevar Bush, then Vice…


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Why we don't fly over crowds (Original Post By Darrell Burkey DIYDRONES)


I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here given it's raising a lot of discussion elsewhere in regards to flying safely and it's safety month here.

Discussions on other forums have gone from 'what an idiot' to 'what a great job of being prepared and doing the right thing'. Personally, I thought it was a very good example of doing the right thing. The…


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ArduCopter, the best open source platform for multirotor (Original Blog Post by Marco Robustini on DIYDRONES)



The evolution of the code, the improvements made by the development team and the passion that we are putting in all this public project is bearing fruits that much hoped for.

ArduCopter is reaching commercial products, offers even more potential at…


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Dissent in an Open Source Community

I can't help but notice that allot of time in the discussions on DIY Drones is spent arguing. Clearly this saps the energy of this community. It is best never to get involved. That being said I think everyone who is active in any open source community (not just owners) should watch this video.



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ADS-B decoding on an AR.Drone Posted by John Wiseman

"Cheap ADS-B on Amateur Drones":

Get a head start on the NASA Centennial Challenge's ADS-B requirements by plugging a $20 USB dongle into your drone and tracking nearby aircraft:

  1. Start with an AR.Drone (or other…

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VRBrain and last Update on Taulab Project by Stefan first loiter :)

This is first halt hold (acc z compensation)  + loiter of VRBRAIN using TauLab Firmware (Open Pilot Fork)

Dear Friends,

after some months of work Stefan send me last update about his work on Taulabs Project.

this is his Repo on Github : …


Added by Roberto Navoni on April 1, 2013 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

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