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Arducopter32 test of RTL and Loiter mode


Dear Friends,

in these days we're doing  test of  stable version of code for Multipilot32 + VRIMU FULL. We hope to release the stable version of code before the end of month.In this video is possible to see how work return to home , I'm very happy of this result ... During the debug is possible to have some problem if the point of return is exactly the same where you pilot your drone :) See video ... It's very nice .. :)


Functionality available tested for two week  :

Stable mode work fine .

Loiter is good and affordable precision start from 1x1 m box to 5x5 m box depend of wheater condition.

Retur to home work fine ... have only a problem the quad return to last loiter position instead of starting point.

In the next week we continue to test and improve :

Altitude hold .

Auto navigation.


Configuration of testing :

Multipilot32 V1.0 :


Custom Frame by AleBs X Mode Quad configuration.

4x 30 Amp ESC Hobbywing.

Propeller 10x45.

Battery 3S 4000 Amp.

Radio:  Hitech Aurora 9 with standard 9 channel receiver 2.4 ghz.


Firmware Pre requiste :

This revision of code is derived of original Arducopter 2.0.42 i add some new feature for have more flexible configuration parameter for example is possible change  the frame configuration only changing a parameter in Mission Planner. Is available also mixertable and receiver that support 1 wire ppm sum  .


Last Revision of IDE :


Last Patch of stable code :


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