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New VR Gimbal 4 is coming New Hardware design and a lot of new feature: STM32F4, Nuttx , SD Card , Mavlink support , imu and potentiometer managment.

Dear Friend ,

after a lot of month to work and 1 year of experience on VR Gimbal firmware now we are at release 1.20 I'm very happy to present a new revision of product. 

VR micro Gimbal 4.0

In the video you can see the early preview of new product . VR micro Gimbal 4 derived from Brain 5 platform , it's based on Nuttx 7 O.S. support SD card for real time data logging and Mavlink protocol for direct integration with our advanced Flight Control VR Brain 5  and VR micro Brain 5 .

We aere working with other member to Dronecode foundation to try to define a standard for gimbal managment based on mavlink protocol .

We already implement a Mission Planner plugin for direct control the gimbal . Now we are discuss in dev team about the development of mavlink packet manager put over the nuttx os that can re direct mavlink traffic to correct device when it recived from ground station of from the specific application .  

The new oem product will be available in the next month for beta tester and oem for more information send a mail to 



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