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VR micro Brain 5: The VRX uBrain Radio Telemetry module lite is available .

This is a video example of how you can add the telemetry module to VR micro brain and test the board with VR Pad Station. Now is possible to connect directly VR micro brain and VR micro Gimbal to VR Pad Station by a usb OTG cable.

These are the board developed by VR Lab : VR micro Gimbal , VR Multi Constellation GPS 8  ,VR Micro Brain and plug and play VR micro telemetry board .

Example how is possible to assemble  the boards togheter , the form factor is very small and lightwheight . 

In the picture below is presente the VRX Radio Module lite , Standard and Advanced ( OSD support ) 

This is an a video example of new VR micro Gimbal in action.

This is a very exclusive video  example of fully autonomous fly using VR Leash experimental kit . You can set the position where put the drone by VR Leash natural reposition system or by PAD / Smartphone user interface available in VR Pad Station Pro.

Some of board use in these drone is already available : 

VR micro Brain :

VR GPS 8 :

VRX uBrain Telemetry module lite option 433 :

VR uBrain Telemetry module lite option 868 :

VR radio module lite option 433:

VR radio module lite option 868:


VR micro Gimbal Board :  will be available at december 

VR Leash : available for OEM and Pro project.



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