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Hi, I need to know which basic settings must be done at first to have a successful first flight.

I did all the calibrations (acc, mag, radio), set the type of vehicle etc. in the initial setup. Than I disabled the preflight check, calibrated the ESCs, set the mid throttle to 500 and max thr to 1000, but I still have a problem. When I rise the throttle, the motors start to spin, when I push the stick to the middle the motors increase the speed to maybe 40-50%, but when I push from middle to full thr, nothing change, the motors dont increase the speed anymore.

What else should I set/change in the configurations to solve this problem? And what else should be done at first before the first takeoff?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, not  sure what is happening.

Everything you did is good. Looks like your throttle curve is going from 0 to 500 instead of 0 to 1000...

Two questions:

1. Why did you disable preflight check?

2. Why did you set you mid throttle to 500 and max thr to 1000?

I actually never did this and usually you should set throttle mid once you know how much throttle you need to hover.

Try enabling arming check and if you can post some logs.


1. I was without GPS and mag, and I was not sure if will arm the board withiot, so I just disabled the prearm check. Now I have both.

2. Well for beginning I just set max on max, and mid on mid :) There isnt a real reason.

I will post the logs soon.

Here are some logs from yesterday after enabling prearm check.

I also try motor check on 100%, and they spin with full throttle, and the signal range from the TX is from under 900 to over 2000, now I dont remember exact numbers from my head.


Hello, I had a look at your logs.

There seem to be some problems with your parameters.

You have very large values for RATE_PITCH_P (1502), RATE_PITCH_I (1502), RATE_ROLL_P (1502), RATE_ROLL_I( 1502)

The default value is: 0.15 for P and 0.1 for I

Also THROTTLE_ACCEL_P and THROTTLE_ACCEL_I have very large values (38979 and 77958 respectively).  The default values are 0.5 for throttle_accel_p and 1.0 for throttle_accel_i.

This could be the cause of your problems and drive the autopilot crazy...

Please review the parameters above and eventually do a reset and re-calibration of the system.

To see the value in mission panner enable advanced view, click on config tuning and the full parameter list.

There could be a problem with mission planner and your default language settings. Which language is your operating system?


Hi, thank you for the replay.

I will set the parameters on the default values, than I let you know. I didnt touch those parameters yet, strange that are so off from the default. 

I try to run everything in English, also my operating system.

Thanks, Gasper


First indoor takeoff :)

Its rainy outside, so I flew it just for a minute in my living room. Cant wait to test all the fun that this microbrain can offer me.


Sometimes Mission Planner messes up parameters especially if you have a non-english system...

In Italy decimal are , in English decimals are .

I have seen many bad values due to this problem.

Good to know it was a very small problem


Have fun!



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