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Just a small question: After some rotation of my quad the heading in the HUD continues to rotate for a certain time and the direction of North is very artistically moving;-) I'm powering the micro Brain from an ESC with 5V on the recommended port. The arrow on the GPS/Compass is pointing forward, in the mission planner I set it to 180roll and the compass calibration went fine but gave me big values like 270... When switching to Loiter it flies always to the right side.
But I have the impression that it is a problem with the mission planner since some others have calibration problems with external compass.
Does anybody have an idea? Of course, if not, I'll by the one from virtualrobotix;-)

Thanks in advance,

Harald Becherer

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Problem solved:
I changed the compass orientation to NONE.
Before, with 180ROLL, like it is suggested in the Mission Planner for the 3DR device,
the compass was apparently "fighting" with the gyro's because
they gave exact opposite rotation directions...

Thanks for sharing your solution.
In fact if you attach the GPS to the ubrain you don't need to specify any rotation. I will update the wiki with thisinformation.




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