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VR Gimbal Controller will not only developed for in Drone application but could be also use in standard Video and Filmography application , put inside this discussion thread all your suggestions.

In our roadmap will be developed also a human interface for interact directly with VR Gimbal and 4 th axis for control the altitude of camera .

This will be two advanced feature that will be available for VR Gimbal


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This IS a great notice

Thank you for thinking about us, who just film and do not fly (yet :).

I have successfully assembled 3axis gimbal with programmed vr-gimbal controller and have few questions regarding the pan/yaw axis.

Will pan/yaw axis follow mode be added in future firmware?
When yaw stabilization will be added?

Attached are pictures shows: Panny GH2 with vr-gimbal, iFlight GB motors mounted on Betview CNC gimbal with 3rd axis added.




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