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VR Gimbal is coming .... ;)

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Nice looking!  Price estimate? shipping date?

Nice job! I'm only waiting to know how to order one!

P.S. Good Idea to leave open the frame: I need to connect the A/V from GPH3, but the most part of the available frame hinder the USB connector!

One point that seems to have been overlooked is that the camera will at some point need to be used in the Portrait  position.

Hello all,

Any progress on this gimbal ?

Do you have a proice estimate and shipping date?

Also would be nice to have links about videos taken with it ?



PS :happy new year to all :-)

Here's the model for my miniature 3 axis gimbal for a Sony block camera with zoom to be used in a fixed wing aircraft.  The major components are molded carbon fiber.  Unlike gimbals for copters size is critical to fit within the confines of the fuselage and dome.



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