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VR BRAIN (v4.5)

The characteristics of VR Brain are:


The VBrainautopilot features include:

  • 168Mhz ARM CortexM4F microcontroller with DSP and floating-point hardware acceleration.
  • 1024KiB of flash memory, 192KiB of RAM.
  • MEMS accelerometer and gyro, magnetometer and barometric pressure sensor.
  • 8 RC Input standard PPM , PPMSUM , SBUS
  • 8 RC Output at 490 hz
  • 1 integrated high speed data flash for logging data
  • 1 Can bus 2 i2c Bus
  • 3 Serial port available  one for GPS 1 for serial option 1 for serial telemetry.
  • 3 digital switch (ULN2003).
  • SPI Expansion port . (V4.5)
  • Jtag support for onboard realtime debugger.
  • 1 Buzzer output.
  • 1 Input for control lipo voltage
  • Available as option Ublox6H GPS or MTK
  • Physical Dimension 6x4 cm
  • Available a custom enclosure


IDE and Development tools:

  • Arduino IDE.
  • Arm GCC Toolchain.
  • Fully compatible with arduino wiring language.


On this platform will be available a lot of RC library developed by Virtualrobotix and Diydrones community.

Standard software will be a 32bit revision of Arducopter  and  TauLab project. 

VR Brain MiniSite is available at this link :

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