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Arducopter , Arduplane and Ardurover firmware based on AP_HAL library are now available on VRBrain for beta testing


After an hard work  VR Lab team finish the porting of AP_HAL library to VRBRAIN.

Now we start doing first test on Arducopter rev 3.0 and Arduplane 2.71 . 

Emile yet start to do first test on Arducopter rev 3.0 the great news is  that in the next week we start to doing the first test of Arduplane on VRBrain . Our beta tester is Daniele Avagadri . He is member of Virtual Robotix Italia team and have a 12 years of experience on RC airplane.


here info about VR Brain the price start from 150 euro.





Last video doing by Marco Robustini



Here you can find the firmware repository :

ap_hal project is available in ap_hal_newdir branch.

This is mini site for ready to fly firmware :


for more info send a mail to :


original blog post :

Thanks to Emile , Andrew , Pat and the other member of the team for the support to our work and for the ap_hal multi platform code revision.


Roberto Navoni




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Comment by Roberto Navoni on April 25, 2013 at 12:40am

Today we doing first flight with our VRBrain and Arduplane ... all work very well :)

Doing test on manual , stable mode and RTL and Circle .

All work fine at the first test that's Great result for our TEAM !!! :) 

We are on Air now also with PLANE !!!


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