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ArduCopter (VR Brain) - First test with AndroPilot in "guided" and "follow me" mode by Marco Robustini

Today Marco doing a great test with his Hexa and VRBrain  he used firmware Arducopter32 2.9.2b developed by official DIYDRONES Team and ported on VRBrain and supported by VRI Lab Team.

The Dev Team doing a great work :) The main advantages of VRBRain is that is 30x faster of standard APM 2.5. The main difference is processor: VR Brain use STM32F4 168 mhz  and integrated FPU . APM used a standard AVR 8 bit processor at 16 mhz.

On VRBrain the scheduled time task  is respected at 99% , we have 80 % of cpu time in idle  and 3/4 flash free for  future development of firmware and 1 year of test by our VRI flight team.

With this feature you have a great smoth flight and the attitude is processed at 500 hz  , sensor is update at 1 khz instead of 250 hz in APM 2.5. 

In this test the VRBrain is controlled directly by AndroPilot. The application is available on Google Play and supported by Android 4.x Pad and Smartphone.

The AndroPilot is connected to VRBrain by 3DR radio telemetry module directly connected to USB port of ASUS Pad.

In video is possible to see the guided mode and Follow me functionality available on AndroPilot application.

The AndroPilot use internal GPS Pad for position of Marco and send every some times and when Marco move the new point to drone that follow Marco during his travel in the field.

I think that this result is very impressive . The integration of different technology is developed very good , It's only an early stage prototype but the result is yet very good . 

The board use by Marco is VR Brain 4.0 with enclosure and 3DR Ublox the quality of fix is very good. 


For more info of VRBRAIN :




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