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ArducopterNG32 (ArmFox V4) is available for test rev Apla 2

Dear Friends,

today i upload last revision of ArducopterNG32 , I upload the code after my fly test doing tomorrow.

This is the video.

With this revision of code is possible to fly in acro e stable mode.

Today i'm doing my first outdoor test of ArmFox V4 firmware in basic configuration , I'm happy of the result , the quad is flying fine and  seems reliable, even if a revision is alpha code.

In this test i use standard component , don't professional part.

MP32 and Oilpan work fine togheter.

I use 4 Chineese standard 18 A PWM ESC buy on Giancod store at 6$

Standard Motor 900 kv

10 inch propeller.

Standard 6 channel analog reciver on 35 Mhz.

So this is an entry level configuration. 

Yesterday I spoke with Diego L. that are using only analog gyro and accelerometer connected directly to MP32 , That sensor normally is used on Aeroquad , but is the same that mount Oilpan , the only difference is that is connected by spi adc to MP32 instead on Diego configuration It is directly connected to analog input.

The MP32 analog input is better of avr analog because are at 12 bit . We notice that the configuration of analog is the same of oilpan. The resolution is the same.

The   video , is only a raw fly with some test for check relability.

I need to setup the PID on gyro , today during flying there was much raffic of wind .


This is the link to the code.


This is the tutorial for pre flight check :

You can use all your standard Diydrones accessories with MP32 for assemble your drone.

MultipilotP32  ( )   is available in the stock if you need more information send a mail to


MP32 is next revision of CPU for Arducopter project based on 32 Bit arm microprocessor with 72 mhz of clock and a lot of innovative hardware feature as 2 i2c one for sensor , can bus , 512 kbyte flash and 64 kbyte ram.  12 bit analog input for more info visit discussion forum on

Next step is testing advanced functionality on air : Gps hold ,altitude hold ecc


Some suggestions about my PID these is the standard available on Arducopter NG

P 4.0

I 0.150

D 1.20


I change also Stick_to_angle factor conversion for have more command available.

What do you think about ? In the next test i would put our VR ESC that use i2c bus and have 256 step of resolution this esc only 127 :( That's could be a problem for good fly ... :)





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Comment by Roberto Navoni on April 14, 2011 at 1:34am


perfect I'm happy that Jason are doing a good job , i spoke yesterday with him about the status of his test for Sparkfun contest. I told me that he would win it.

Good Luck Jason :)

After the race he  start to work on MP32 ... all the DevCoreTeam members have a MP32 and in the next week start to play with him :)

So we could have a good boys with us in development of code on our Board ;)

Comment by robert bouwens on April 13, 2011 at 5:09pm

today i have flown acm with the changes from monday.

yes, it is flyable again :)

the simple mode is somewhat sluggish and unable to fight against the wind when blows to hard.


next week i have time to work on mp32 - trying to do a test flight.

will you go with an eclipse setup or your vride?




Comment by robert bouwens on April 10, 2011 at 10:23pm

i think there is a point on my side.

the bullet connectors where not soldered correctly and after a few soft crashes they stopped working.

i suppose that these bullet connecters are the reason for the crash.

standard diy store motors with badly soldered bullet connectors.

but know i know the esc's do work ;-)


the simple mode also caused me a few problems.

plus on gps hold the copter flew away.

i had to flip the mode because of a tree inbetween ...


but i am happy.

kkmulticopter flies better than acm - at least for now.

i hope to solve the gps issue real soon: add an xbee and enabling qgroundcontrol and watch the result...




i had no time to look into the jtag issue must be done before i have a week off ...


Comment by Roberto Navoni on April 10, 2011 at 10:10pm


Why you crash with acm ?

I fly the MP32 two times with ArducopterNG 32 , my revision of standard Arducopter NG code  .. in my test i only doing some test about the relability of the basic functionality , i don' setup fine the PID. I'm happy of this first result but i can doing better .. at the moment i mantain the same time used on APM but basically we can doing 4x more fast in main cicles without any problem.

So the first check of component doing ok ... now I'm helping Diego with his esc because have some problem to arm it. After he solve this problem i can doing his first flight with MP32.

KK is totally different of Mp32 , on thsi board is implemented only the Gyro don't the accelerometer , using the stable mode is a dream respect to use a acro .. for beginnig is very simple to start to fly.


Comment by robert bouwens on April 10, 2011 at 8:55pm


when chosing my next copter frame i looked at kkmulticopter.

and finally i bought a complete set.

and after fixing the pid settings am happy.

after the bad acm testing i got my positive flight feeling back.

a few minutes ago i flew two batteries with the latest acm code ...

two crashes from 5 and 10 meters hight ...


i hope to switch over to mp32 real soon.

i enjoyed to see your session.




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