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ArduPirates NG32 and Multipilot32 Fly very Well

Dear Friends,

this is the video of first flight of Multipilot32 that use  ArdupiratesNg32 rev. 2.01 firmware.

I ported to Multipilot the 8bit firmware , change all the library necessary to firmware and doing some small patch on original firmware.

At the moment i fly in stable mode + configuration with this PID (3.00 , 0.150 , 0.900)

As sensor i use Oilpan , in the firmware i don't yet activate GPS , BARO and Magnetometer , i doing some test but before to fly i need to optimize the i2c code and deactivate the debug functionality that degrade the speed of execution of code.


This is the official thread of pre flight check of ArdupiratesNG32 v 2.01

In the next day I update this section of discussion with some new tips and tricks



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Comment by Roberto Navoni on April 19, 2011 at 2:24pm

Hi Robert,

could be a better things develop a makefile for standard directory using in VRIDE 0.0.3 , so could be possible to make the project using VRIDE 0.0.3 or Eclipse that is better and is possible to debug steep by steep.

Can you doing this makefile ? The only problem is that .pde file is not a standard exstension , so could better decide how re arrange the program for this double possibility.



Comment by robert bouwens on April 18, 2011 at 11:17am

right now i am building an eclipse project.

not working with vride i need to add the libs.

which are the ones i need?

there is a dev directory with other libs ...

what is uptodate?

thanks for your help?




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