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From Concept to reality with Multipilot32FX and 3D Printed single body Frame FOX 5 Multiquad.

With the new fast prototyping tecnology is possible  to develop new technology from the concept to reality . With high performance DIY electronics and 3D Design tools today is possible to obtain this kind of result.

This is our experience :

We use some 3D Pro as EdgeWorks or Solidworks and Opensource Tools as Bleender for design the frame.

After design we send our advanced project to a fast prototyping company as Shapeways

Then After some weeks is possible to recive the Frame .

After I put all the electronic inside the new frame I'm ready to doing the first flight the result of first experience was great , in only two hours we put all electronic inside the frame  in the next days i would doing also some outdoor flight and put in front of quad a Gopro HD 2 cam for FPV :

The next step will be review of the original project with some upgrade as :

less material for have less price and less weight.

At the moment the weight is around 360 gr is yet good.

In order  to fly with:

  • Multipilot32+NAVI FULL the frame is compatibile also with APM+OILPAN
  • 4 Keda 20-22 Motors.
  • 4 Hobbywing 30 A
  • 4 10 '' propeller.
  • a 3S 4500 ma lipo

around 1250 gr

The main upgrade in our mind is more space for 10 '' propeller originally was developed only for 8 '' prop

possibility to change the tail if one broke. Better design for open and close cover on top of quad.

If you have other suggestions are welcome.

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