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HexaFox ArduCopter Early version ... first flight

Hi ,
this is the first video of early test doing on Hexafox that using my branch of Arducopter firmware .
The hardware is MultiBoard because I'm waiting APM from Chris .. ;) Now I'm implemented Matrixtable , I2C Bl-ctr and a RPC server for sharing the sensor on Multisensor Board .

The main board control, Multipilot Board :
  • Gyro.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Radio RX.
The second board interface the sensor :
  • 4 Ir-sensor.
  • 1 Sonar.
  • 1 GPS.
  • 1 Magnetometer.
The comunication between the board using RPC protocol with binary payload and CRC control.

all the code is avaible update daily on my repository :

or on arducopter repository :

Some news and update about the status of project is on my blog here : and on this thread on Diydrones.

I need more help to set the PID ;)

In the next day I start to test GPS Hold and Sonar automatic altitude . That's function is yet implemented in the code .

Roberto (FOXTEAM ArduCopter DEVTEAM)

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