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Multipilot32 / AP32 , Monthly project update.

Dear Friends,

this month we have a lot of news and update on MP32 board and project :

This is a fly of Ardupirates32 NG for Gaui 300XS : frame , esc motors and propellers.



1) VRIDE 0.0.4 is available :

the new feature available are :

- i2c lib at 400 khz.

- new bootloader available with security feature when your in flight , jumper for activate bootloader.

- update firmware using usb .


2) Ardupirates 32 NG on mp32 work fine , main loop is limit to 800 hz i have tested :

- acro mode.

- stable mode.

- magnetometer , gps and barometer.

- GPS hold work fine .

- Altitude hold could be better.


3) VRIMU is available :

- Sensor board with two option : inversense and analog device gyro , accelerometer and magnetometer.

- Navi Board with gps , barometer and differential pressure sensor (Option) , analog and digital input output available.


4) First Revision of Arducopter 2.0 available as starting point for checking functionality :


- All Low level library ported to new MP32 in pre alpha revision.

- Firs revision of code compile .

- The ide is available on repo as VRIMU ready for start to test it.


5) RTF firmware for Gaui 330XS available. contact me at : for more info.


6) A lot of people start to fly with mp32 ... some video ...


7) Price of new product :

The module available and price follow :

MP32                          84,00 euro  120,00 $
S.Board con Mag.        78,00 euro 110,00$
S.Board senza Mag.     70,00 euro 99,00$
NAVI no mag no GPS   43,00 euro  60,50 $
Navi con Mag e GPS   122,00 euro 175,00$
Pitot                             29,00 euro 41,00$

This price include tax (italy 20% VAT) :(

Entry level system with Gyro rate control and Stable mode is good for FPV:
MP32 + Sensor Board with or without MAG.

UAV system is GPS hold , altitude hold .. working progress for RTH and Waypoint navigation :
MP32 + Sensor Board with or withMAG + NAVI with GPS.

For order send a mail to






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