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My first experience with Auto Mode. i'm very happy of this first result.

This is today video update , new Automatic mission with more detail during the flight. This video is better of first doing yesterday :)










In my test i using MP32F4 + NAVY2012 (ARM rev.) the revision of code is 2.5.5 Mission planner is 1.1.9

My quad is a 330x is not so good for fly in the wind :( But i fly well my first automatic mission :)

This is the discussion thread :

I doing the recording of waypoiny using the switch that is possible configure on mission planner on channel 7.

Before to start to recording is possible to delete the waypoiny in eeprom with Disarmed Motor , then switch in AUTO mode and selected then switch channel 7 the same that you use for add new waypoint.

So then you go in stabilize mode and fly where you want to put first point , second ecc until last.

When you switch on eeprom write lat lon and altitude for every point. Keep atention that in first point the quad doing a strange roll fasta change ready to controll the quad.


When you put in Auto Mode , the quad rotate his noose towards the next waypoint , don't worry :) The important is that you know how control the quad if you need to return in stabilize manual mode :)


This is the quality of auto navigation in a windy day on waypoint i see an max error of 2-3 m


At the end of flight i download my log and convert it in KMZ file and check it in Google Earth. For check the quality of flight i save the waypoint and then i prepare manually a KMZ and import it in the Google earth.

In my test i verify that hit waypoint with an error 2-3 m . I think that it's good :)



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