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TauLab – firmware for VR uBrain 5 - First Flight by Stefan -

This is the first fly of VR Micro Brain with Open Pilot firmware .

It support all the standard and advanced functionality that require GPS and magnetometer, too

This is the repo mantained by Stefan : 

In this branch is available the firmware and software that support standard micro brain .

Here is available the code that support the waypoint ,too but need to add data flash to VR micro Brain .


For enviroment Setup :

Setting Linux Enviroment:

Setting  Windows Enviroment :


I succesfully build the code in the Stefan’s Git , today i did my first fly with micro brain and Taulabs code , in this code you can find the binary for VR micro Brain and CGS for linux OS.

bl_vrbrain.dfu is the bootloader upload it with DFUDemostrator by usb cable .

fw_vrubrain.tlfw this is the last available TauLabs firmware for VR micro Brain . It’s a early revision of code so keep atention to use it.

Enjoy with this new great toy :)

the official wiki page is here :

For more info on vr micro brain this is the link:



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