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It is with great pleasure that we are able to present the result of our latest work.

In the last 4 months we designed, built and tested 2 frames and 2 Gimbals.

This is just a preview of these new products, production will start in the next month and pre-orders are available through our freshly re-designed web site


Black Ops Drone aka B.O.D.

A multipurpose drone specifically designed for gaming and simulated wars. It is a plastic 2 shell frame very resistant and light weight. It is splashproof and can mount a small FPV camera on front. It can be used with many different payloads and mounts 3508 motors with 13" propellers.




A powerful, tough and yet simple frame built with only 3k twill carbon fiber and High grade Aluminum.

The frame is designed so that X4 or X8 configuration is possible without any other add-on.

It is extremely tough and resistant, and host propellers up to 14" or 15" .

Typical configuration is with 3510 or 3508 Motors with 13" props, but also 40mm. motors can be mounted with no problems. The arms can be shifted in 1,5cm. steps to allow bigger props (15").



A professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal built with 3k twill carbon fiber that is able to carry 3Kg. of payload.

This is our masterpiece. It uses high quality Stainless steel bearings and it is integrated with adjustable height landing gear.

It weights about 600gr. and it offers super smooth camera compensation.




The same Shockwave Gimbal can be used on our hand-held system allowing camera operators and professional photographers to obtain perfect stable images. The hand held mount can be equipped with remote control for PAN, TILT, ROLL and ZOOM.



A 2 or 3 axis Gimbal designed to fit the most common and light to medium cameras such as:

Sony NEX xx

Canon M series

Sony Cybershot VX420 or similar

Totally built wi Alu and Carbon fiber it is extremely light and it is sold with an antivibration plate suitable for any frame. It's weight without mootrs is 280gr. and is perfectly able to carry 300-400gr. of payload.


Please refer to for more details and don't hesitate to askany questions.

The VirtualRobotix team


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