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VR Tiger Shark X8 + VR Gimbal fly test doing by Emile last week

This is the final configuration of VR Tiger Shark X8  RTF  :


VR Brain is the Autopilot board used in Tiger Shark.

VR Gimbal is the Brishless gimbal controller used in Easy Shot Gimbal .


Between Tiger Shark and Easy shot we put a special anti vibration system that cut vibration from drone frame to gimbal. After a lot of work for setup it work very well :)


The frame configuration is X8 coaxial configuration we choose to use this configuration because is possible continue to fly also without two propeller if the payload is not so heavy .


The Payload for camera is near 1 kg . With a 10 Amp 4S battery we are near 15 min of fight.


This is a last fly test doing by Emile with Tiger Shark and Easy Shot Gimbal.

The fly test is doing with last revision of APM Copter available on our repository :


The Fly of drone is very smoth and automatic functionality as loiter are solid as rock.










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