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I received an APM Led Buzzer card (from Charles Lakins).APM 2x LED / Buzzer Module

Led and Buzzer have + on signal pin of the APM and - on the common - bar.

After searching VrBrain 4.5 documentation and Barone Rosso Forum, I got the right wiring data in order to use that module.

I had to reverse polarity of the module by unsoldering and reversing Leds and Buzzer on the card. Then I changed the wiring on the plugs.

LED_Setting in the APM param list is 11

Here is it on board



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Comment by Marc LE BRET on October 26, 2013 at 8:19am

Hi Roberto,

Leds and Buzzer are OK now. (LED_setting is 11)

On my module, - was common and + was on signal line. I unsoldered the leds and Buzzer , reversed them and changed the position of the common line from - to + on the plug.

I have also an i2c led ring from led robot (Use it with multiwii). Could be interesting to use it with VrBrain.



Comment by Roberto Navoni on October 26, 2013 at 12:22am

Hi Marc,

thanks for your suggestions :) We are working to improve the led signal ,in last revision of code that support Nuttx OS , too will be available a special module that control RGB LED by I2C Bus ... now on VRBrain is available 3 led + 1 buffer . 

For more info check here :

the center il a +12volt - lipo battery the up signal drive by uln2003 and set GND to led 



Comment by Marc LE BRET on October 25, 2013 at 6:45pm

Problem to be solved soon. I have to modify my Led Card in order to use battery 12 volt + as common plug and - sides of Leds and Buzzer on signal side of the Vr Brain led and buzzer plugs.

On my led card, - is common and + sides of leds and buzzer are on signal plug (APM 2 Wiring)


Comment by Marc LE BRET on October 25, 2013 at 6:20pm


I did some research on the Barone Rosso forum. I find some interesting leads to follow.

First: You need to plug + and - 12 volt battery on one of the Led plugs. I did that and activated Battery monitor and have a good reading of the voltage in mission planner.

I had a try with led setting 123 (Barone Rosso Forum) but I'm not sure it is valid for VrBrain 4.5 and firmware 3.1.5. In fact I have no led lighting (leds are OK if I apply 12 volts at the led plug).

Thanks for your help,



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