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I am flying my quadcopter with latest VRBrain 5.2.

I have 3DR telemetry and a Nexus7 tablet, I experiment with Auto Mode.

There is my latest flight rendered in GoogleEarth. It is a full auto flight from Arm to Disarm, controlled and monitored with DroidPlanner v3 tablet application.

There are 14 waypoints with spline curbs at various height from 10 to 45 meters. First WP is TakeOff, latest is RTL. R/C is on (Stabilize selected), Throttle lever is set to middle position after TakeOff as a caution.



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Comment by Marc LE BRET on January 28, 2015 at 11:38am


When your drift is solved, you can try Auto mode. You can set Switch 7 to record WayPoint while flying then you can replay your flight with Auto (Switch 8). If it is OK with 5 or 6 WP, you can move forward and edit (modify/add) waypoints with MissionPlanner.

Be carefull with record waypoint switch if you change your flying area. There was a bug in older firmware: if you had a X WP navigation saved on the card and if you wanted to record a new path with channel 7 option, with less than X WP (the old path), the remaining waypoints were not erased, so when playing Auto, flight was OK with the new path untill it wanted to fly to the not erased remaining waypoints.

As I am now editing new path with computer, I dont know if bug is solved.


Comment by Winston S. Aquino Zabala on January 27, 2015 at 7:01pm

Hi Marc!


I have not been able to make autonomous flights even with my flight controller VR Brain 5.2 but due to a drift in one axis, caused by some magnetic interference such, I'm trying to fix all.


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