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VRBrain and last Update on Taulab Project by Stefan first loiter :)

This is first halt hold (acc z compensation)  + loiter of VRBRAIN using TauLab Firmware (Open Pilot Fork)

Dear Friends,

after some months of work Stefan send me last update about his work on Taulabs Project.

this is his Repo on Github :


Taulab is a fork of Original Open Pilot project , some guys decide to fork it and develop a code that support a lot of different platform .

The main advantages of this project is that native at 32 bit , use a operating system and all the code is write in pure c , not use c++ class. 

A lot more complex of other project but very interesting for developers.

The other advantages of work doing by Stefan is the opportunity to doing some benchmark between two firmware that use same hardware VR Brain . 

Could be interesting evaluate the quality and performance of firmware ported to 32 bit platform as Arducopter32 rev and TauLab that instead use an Operating system and is 32 bit native. 

This is only a introduction of work doing by Stefan he promise me that create a post with more info about his works :)


So this is some example of how vrbrain fly with TauLab Project firmware 

Stable fly :

Simple Fly :


The next step will be : return to home , auto landing and navigation waypoint :)


Original blog post :


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Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on April 1, 2013 at 12:19am

Great work Stefan!!


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