We start to send the first batch of Multipilot32 to user and DevCoreTeam , i hope that this video will be usefull in power on and uploading firmare . In the next day will be available more info about the first flyable code . The first software that i upgrade to MP32 is Arducopter NG. The first revision of code will be only a porting of mono task application to new micro controller . This is only first step of our work , a starting point this micro is more fast until 24x more flash 512 kbyte , more ram 64 kbyte ram. An a lot of advanced feature. And is cheaper :)

I open a Call for C / C++ developer and beta tester that would support the development of our project.

This is the repo of code : http://code.google.com/p/multipilot32/

In the next day will be available new code and doc in source branch inside redfox74. if you need more info contact me directly in PM or leave a message in the thread.

The board is compatible with all the DiyDrones accessories and is an upgrade of cpu from avr 8 bit processor to 32 Bit Arm Cortex . In this first stage we need advanced user that can develop code and have experiences on writing code on micro processor.

This is the official thread where there're some info about the project and roadmap.


This is the main thread where you can found info for start to use Multipilot32



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  • I can Ask to Giovanni about ... i think that if not available we can use the api developed in VRIDE and port it on ChibiOS.



  • Thank you Roberto,


    Giovanni is OK with eeprom emulation for use in ChibiOS now?

    Please see this link.

  • Hi Richard,

    in VRIDE 0.0.1 i yet port the eeprom emulation that using a bank of flash available on MP32.

    So for eeprom emulation you use flash. Check the code example and eeprom lib.


  • Roberto,

    One difference between AVR and STM32 is eeprom.

    The AVR has eeprom to store parameters. The STM32 does not have eeprom.

    Giovanni mentioned in an ohloh.net post that an external serial eeprom might be the easiest method to use to keep Chibios happy.

    ST has application note to use flash memory as emulated eeprom.

    What method do you have in mind?

  • robert,

    The Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H connector pins on the left, Multipilot32 U$1 pins on the right...

    The unused Olimex pins are left unconnected.


    Pin2   VTARGET <->  VCC 3V3  Pin1

    Pin4   GND        <->  GND         Pin3

    Pin5   TDI          <-> JTAG_TDI  Pin8

    Pin7   TMS         <-> JTAG_TMS Pin2

    Pin9   TCK         <-> JTAG_TCK Pin4

    Pin13 TDO        <-> JTAG_TDO Pin6

    Pin15 RST         <-> JTAG_TRST Pin10


    I'm still working to get all the software pieces and configuration files tied into the Eclipse toolchain.

  • rich great.

    can you provide the pin connections?

    then others may benefit from your work.


  • 2772932003?profile=original


    The Olimex jtag hardware and OpenOCD local server work. Now to get them playing nice with Eclipse.

  • not realyy.

    but going outside for a walk is fine.

    st-link does not work with the jtag device.

    but going back to swd and removing parts of the startup debugger scripts and voila it works.

    so far, a fresh breeze of air is always the best solution.


  • So far the Olimex jtag debugger for STM32F103 is not a walk in the park with birds sweetly singing...

    ARM debugging tools must be why people are willing to spend big $$$ for an out of the box solution. :)

  • i double checked all connections...

    it was pretty late yesterday evening, but.

    (TARGET_UNKNOWN_MCU_TARGET) Unsupported target device.

    when i use the jtag connection.

    that's not what i would like to see.

    atollic at the moment is not the right choice.

This reply was deleted.

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