We are working on our new store and website . We are working hard on new and exting technology for advanced next generation drone.

On our website you can found a lot of information and detail about our product : BOD a new concept of customizable drone ...

Gola-kele  a great and professional frame for advanced waterprof application.

Will be available minisite with tutorial and a lot of video from our community .


A lot of info about our great 32 bit advanced Flight Control VR Brain , fully compatibile with Arduplane , Arducopter and Ardurover firmware with different option and special add on for have on your drone a real advanced linux pc based on 454 mhz arm cpu.


We have inside our catalog a lot great product ad also resell and support 3DR product like a GPS , Telemetry module and a lot of new advanced MADE IN ITALY products :)

if you would buy our product , need more info or would became a partner send us a mail at : info@virtualrobotix.com

if you would buy using our new ecommerce website going here : 



Roberto Navoni

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  • Hi Roberto, any news about the store...?

    Best from France.


  • Great work, Roberto (as always) - did some small test flight using the latest code on my VRBRAIN today, testing simple test flight, alt hold, pos hold and auto land - it Works GREAT

  • Hi Jiro,

    About the next PX4 is not a my problem because it is only  a clone of VRBRAIN :)

    And the next VRBRAIN 5.0 will be a lot better of next PX4 ;)  I start to work on arm 3 years ago and i have a lot experience on arm platform know very good advanced and limit so i'm ready for the next step :)

    When i'm start in my project i was alone ... now we are 18 people inside Virtual Robotix Italia team so we can do only a lot better :)

    So about arducopter , it's a great firmware we fund the project 2 years ago with Chris , Jani e other guys we continue to work on it and continue to support and develop it.

    We also start to support also great opensource firmware as OpenPilot Taulab fork .. and in future i think to work also on autoquad .... all this firmware is compatible with VRBRAIN !!!!

    In the next month will be available a lot of new and great project ....

    In the next week will present a new great project ... VR GIMBAL ... a new advanced and powerfull Direct Drive gimbal by Virtual Robotix ... and we are working also  on VR BRAIN PRO .... a great advanced product ... 



  • Thanks Oyvind ... we are working for you :)

  • Congratulations!! Great looking site

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