Virtualrobotix Thermal Inspector : Preview 2015

Dear Friend,

I'm happy to present the  prototype of Virtualrobotix thermal camera. 

In last months we work a lot on this new project , it's based on new Flir Lepton sensor and VR uBrain 5.1.

We implement an a specific firmware on uBrain for control the flir sensor , read image , trasmit it in realtime by USB or Bluetooth to PC or Mobile application.

The actual function supported in early prototype are : 

Live video streaming.

Recording on SD card.

Snapshot by event (push a button or specific programmable event).

We storage raw data and telemetry data from sensor so is possible to have a very detailed information about the temperature of all the point available in the image .

Is possible to analyse the image of VR Thermal Camera in realtime or in post processing with a specific appication. 

Actually we are developing specific application for our UAV especially for VR Spark as an alternative payload , actually we intend to propose this solution for video inspection in energy enviroment or solar field and a lot of other UAV or not UAV application if you are interested on this kind of technology contact me at :


Roberto Navoni

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  • Great work Roberto! Well done with the flir lepton, hope to see it released soon at a nice price.

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