Dear friend,

This is last video doing by Marco with his Marcopter HV2 Full Carbon

yesterday we release last revision of Arducopter rev3.1rc5 for VRBrain with no OS the AP_HAL_VRBrain is very similar to APM.

more tech info about vrbrain here :

The name of our revision is APM Copter rev 3.1.11 this release is without OS , We have also available the NuttX-PX4 revision of code but only in alpha revision for dev team test.

see here for more detail on nuttx os on VRBrain :

On VRBrain the Arducopter code use use only 6-7 % of cpu resource .... on APM 2.x use from 70 % to 95 % of cpu ... so we have a lot of resource available for doing reliable test of advanced functionality . The code need only 480 kbyte we have available 60 % of flash for develop new functionality .

Last revision of code work very well ... we are very happy of these fly result ... in italy a big community of user start to switch to VRBrain from Arduflyer or Cirus Board AIO.

Update in 3.1.11

SPI BUS speed for MPU6000 increased to 8MHz
ENHANCEMENT of MPU6000 enabled by default (MPU6000 @ 1KHz and gyro full scale @ 1000dps)
update to latest 3.1rc5 of arducopter code
Corrected bug in Dataflash log download
Yellow led on board now show Scheduler activity.

Please upgrade to this release following this link.

THe Gyro and Accels now are sampled at 1KHz instead of 200Hz and main loop averages 10 samples every main loop.

This has imprved flight performance, but it is still in test, so use accordingly. With this version you can try to rise the INS_FILTER partameter to 42Hz or 98Hz, but you must have vibration under control.

Have fun and fly safe!


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