VR Brain 4.5 + VR IMU GOLD is coming




This is the first picture of VR BRAIN 4.5 + VR IMU GOLD.

Thi new imu expand the number of imu available for VRBrain .

With this addon is possible to have two active imu controlled by VR Brain.

On VR IMU Gold there are 3ACC 3GYRO 3 MAGN and a EEPROM for store temperature drift correction table.

With this kind of option we intend to improve a lot the quality of VRBrain for GOLD (Prosumer version ) and VRBrain PRO.

Now we are in development stages :) This is a good hack for your VR Brain 4.5 ;) 



original url : http://www.virtualrobotix.com/group/armcopterdevgroup/forum/topics/vr-brain-4-5-vr-imu-gold-is-coming?xg_source=activity


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  • Roberto Hey! This looks very interesting! I have a need for sensitive IMU AND a more robust IMU that can handle higher G's I wonder if I could switch between 2 IMU's like this for that purpose?

    By the way your doing a great job over here! I think I'll come hang out over here for a while and see what we can do with VR Brain :)

This reply was deleted.

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