B.O.D is a VR Copter with this configuration :

  • VR Brain 4.5 with Arducopter 32 rev 3.1rc3 on board
  • 1 3DR Ublox GPS
  • Use 4 VR ESC prototype 30A with MultiWii ESC .
  • 4 T-Motors
  • 12 APC Inch Propeller.
  • 1 Lipo 5.800 Zippy compact.
  • 1 3DR Telemetry Module.
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black on board


With this configuration i doin 3 hours of fly test , normally the drone fly for 20 minutes with this configuration this is a good result for us.

With Arducopter32 rev v3.1rc3 our drone fly very well i testing all functionality :

Stable mode.

Loiter - Atti GPS mode with ovverride of position.

Return to landing point work fine .

Waypoint navigation work fine , too 

I found only a problem on hard stop when reach waypoint and RTL , some suggestion about the reconfigure parameters for have smooth stop instead of hard ?

Do you like our first RTF drone ? 


Roberto Navoni





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