Mechanical Enclosure.


New Thermal Inspector PCB REV 1 RC2


 The dimension is like a GOPRO so the Standard GoPro Gimbal are compatible with Thermal Inspector.

This is the first power on and testing of last revision of our device

After some months of development we are near to release the first version of VR Thermal Inspector.

These are the specifications :    

  • Sensor : Flir Lepton 3 160 x 120 ( PRO)  
  •  Integrated IMU : MPU6000
  •  Integrated Barometer : (Option)
  •  1000 mah Battery until 4 hours in power on mode.
  • Form Factor like a  GoPro
  •  Wheight  40 grams 
  •  CPU  STM32F4 407
  • Nuttx Operating Systems. 
  • SD Card SDIO : High Speed
  •  Integrated Wifi or BT Module (option) 
  •  3 Multi Function Button : Power On / mode / picture /video

Digital Input / Output :

  • 1 Buzzer  
  • Digital Output ON / OFF
  •  3 PWM Output PWM 1 Digital PWM input
  •  1 Analog Input
  •  1 Serial Port TTL
  •  1 Serial Port connected to Wifi or BT module
  •  RGB LED
  •  USB Port

Functionality : 

  • Live Video Recording.
  • Take a picture every X second ( 5  - 10 - 15 )
  • Take a picture after an event.
  • Preview streaming by usb wifi /bt/ serial port.
  • Palette Settings
  • Radiometric functionality each pixel information have a specific absolute temperature. 
  • Available API via USB / Seriale / wifi
  • On board Blob detection and tracking  by PWM Roll / Pitch/ Yaw
  • Beeper activation at specific event.
  • on/off activation at specific event.
  • Companion Computer Add on for advanced functionality like PAL output or advanced robotics functionality by Mavlink or ROS interface to robotics systems : VR Brain / Pixhawk FC  
  • On Board advanced events triggered by specific temperature detection.
  • Application available for  Smarphone:  Andoroid / IOS e or Windows Personal computer.

 Preview of Android Application 

PC Application Preview in early prototype version based on VR uBrain 5.1

This is an example of visual ispection of a building did by a drones. 

We intend start  a Kickstarter in September , we would like to raise some pre order because we want produce a mold for plastic enclosure  and for obtain a good price from Flir for lepton modules . Before to start we like to understand what do you think about this product . Suggestions are welcome. The target price will be 450 - 600 euro we are working on the bom price  for finalize the selling cost  .

If you are interest to more detail or help us to going in production with this new cool product don't exitate to contact me at r.navoni@virtualrobotix.com


Roberto Navoni 

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