I had more flights with my Quad. I'm still impressed with RTL performance but as I explore the settings I have some questions.

I had a try with Fence. I have to do a retry but I'm quite sure there is a problem: I cannot arm motors (after battery exchange) with fence enabled. There is no Red led blinking and save of the new home. I had to uncheck Fence in the config in order to save the new Home and fly.

I had also a try with Saving waypoints (Chan7 and redo the flight Chan8). Fine.

Also a Memory problem with the logs. If I do not flush the old logs, when reaching out of space, the last log is corrupted and download hang.

I keep you in touch and had to have another try at Fence.



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  • Thanks for the report.

    About the Fence I cannot help much as I never had a try, but planning to try it.

    Regarding the logs, we have infact a problem and are investigating.

    The fact that the log is corrupted is due to the fact that the firmware writes the log format on the dataflash, so whenever you reach the end and overwrite the first log it will erase the information the planner needs to know.

    Will take a look and see if we can write the log format only on download.

    Will keep you updated.


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