VrBrain 4.5and External Led


I received an APM Led Buzzer card (from Charles Lakins).APM 2x LED / Buzzer Module

Led and Buzzer have + on signal pin of the APM and - on the common - bar.12232303653?profile=original

After searching VrBrain 4.5 documentation and Barone Rosso Forum, I got the right wiring data in order to use that module.

I had to reverse polarity of the module by unsoldering and reversing Leds and Buzzer on the card. Then I changed the wiring on the plugs.


LED_Setting in the APM param list is 11

Here is it on board




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  • Hi Roberto,

    Leds and Buzzer are OK now. (LED_setting is 11)

    On my module, - was common and + was on signal line. I unsoldered the leds and Buzzer , reversed them and changed the position of the common line from - to + on the plug.

    I have also an i2c led ring from led robot (Use it with multiwii). Could be interesting to use it with VrBrain.



  • Hi Marc,

    thanks for your suggestions :) We are working to improve the led signal ,in last revision of code that support Nuttx OS , too will be available a special module that control RGB LED by I2C Bus ... now on VRBrain is available 3 led + 1 buffer . 

    For more info check here : 


    the center il a +12volt - lipo battery the up signal drive by uln2003 and set GND to led 



  • Problem to be solved soon. I have to modify my Led Card in order to use battery 12 volt + as common plug and - sides of Leds and Buzzer on signal side of the Vr Brain led and buzzer plugs.

    On my led card, - is common and + sides of leds and buzzer are on signal plug (APM 2 Wiring)


  • Hello,

    I did some research on the Barone Rosso forum. I find some interesting leads to follow.

    First: You need to plug + and - 12 volt battery on one of the Led plugs. I did that and activated Battery monitor and have a good reading of the voltage in mission planner.

    I had a try with led setting 123 (Barone Rosso Forum) but I'm not sure it is valid for VrBrain 4.5 and firmware 3.1.5. In fact I have no led lighting (leds are OK if I apply 12 volts at the led plug).

    Thanks for your help,


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