Dear friends,

after hard work on firmware doing by Arducopter and Virtualrobotix Dev Team , we are happy to present the result of this incredible test ... this is only first test VRBrain vs DJI Wookong .

The firmware is ARducopter32 rev 3.0.3 , this revision of firmware use AP_HAL library to interface the Arducopter application . The firmware is mantain by Arducopter devteam , the last improvment doing by Leonard that solve some glitch in loiter , and gps override mode.

The result of work doing by Randy and the other member of the team is incredible , we fly the quad in gps mode and it fly as robot ... as Dji Wookong .

This is a video doing during VR Lab test of new VR Lifter frame.

But if you like fly in stabilize mode you can enjoy you a lot. :) I prefer a lot fly my quad in stabilize and acro mode it's nice.

The power of VRBrain with its  STM32F4 microcontroller  have 164 mhz of clock with internal dsp have a more  power of DJI Wookong cpu that use SAM3X micro processor at only 96 mhz and don't have dsp processor for hardware math processing.

Now the new revision of VRBrain 4.5 can support also an external IMU so we can solve the vibration problem with mechanical patch.


Whe have a great new wiki page for support the user :

A new tools for update the firmware is available and will be release in the next days , so you can choose your code download local and program the board without problem.

We are very happy of VRBrain performances :)


Thanks to Marco Robustini for his great video :)


Roberto Navoni

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