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Dear Friend,

I'm happy to present my last creation :  

This telemetry board use AVR 644P as micro controller the code is developed in C++ using some Arduino library. Great Thanks to Sandro Benigno for OSD routine , and other people that are working on OSD code and other opensource library that I use in my new product.


The Board

  • ATmega644P 20 Mhz with Arduino bootloader
  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
  • Serial that support Jeti RTX telemetry data link.
  • I2C that support Aurora9 RTX telemetry channel (work in progress).
  • GPRS Module for long range comunication that using tcp/ip channel . (option)
  • Serial port that support Mavlink protocol for interconnect board that use that kind of protocol as Arducopter(32) , Arduplane ecc ecc.
  • Is possible to customize the protocol for interrconnection with Mikrokopter , Multiwii or Aeroquad platform and also other platform that you like if you have documentation of comunication protocol.

Is possible to recive the telemetry as overlay of video during the flight or on your prefered Jeti or Aurora radio. Other interface will be implement also on futaba and graupner radio.

All the data available on the quad is visible by telemetry option , we are also working on realtime setting of parameter during the fly directly for example jeti box.

As option is possible to mount GPRS module so you can interconnect your ground station by gprs so in case of lost your quad you can try to found it using long range telemetry module.


The price will be define in the next week and depend of option that you want.

If you have some idea that you would like to see in this product as us if is it possible to implement.



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Dear Friends,

in the last Months FoxTeam are working to develope some new exciting update of our project.

We're working on Hardware:

  • VR Brain MP32V3F1-IMU
  • VR Brain MP32V3F4-IMU
  • VR Distribution Board.
  • VR Telemetry Board.


We implement two kind of ide for develop our project :


The VR IDE  use:

  • Standard Processing IDE same of Arduino.
  • Complete integrated Eclipse IDE for editing , building and debug project (better for professional development)
  • We are using OpenOCD Jtag Debugger for realtime inline debugging.


The Library :

  • FoxTeam port and support Maple Library on all our platform.
  • We port all standard APM library developed by DEVTEAM to MP32V3FX .


The Operating Systems :

We port on our platform different kind of Operating systems :

  • FreeRtos
  • ChibiOS


Firmware :

We porting on Multipilot32 the last revision of Arducopter 2.0.49 -50 firmware we try to mantain similar architecture of original Jason development but put inside same upgrade that is possible using the power of our platform.

Is available also professional support for develop custom application for different kind of application also for professional application .


After one year of experience on Arm Platform we are ready to present the new platform that will be available in the next months and in the new year.


News about Hardware :


Is available the new revision of Board the Multipilot32V3FX 


It's will be available in different configuration :

MP32V3F1 - IMU

use the same micro of MP32V1 but have some upgrade for improve the quality of pcb and some news about the onboard peripherals :

  • support SD using SDIO bus that is more fast of standard SPI port.
  • We add also the support of USB as serial debug port.


The micro that we use is STM32F103 .

512 kbyte Flash and 64 Kbyte ram 72 Mhz cpu speed.

12 bit analog input.

16 bit PWM output.

The platform is available to end user.



MP32V3F4 - IMU

is the first low cost autopilot platform board that support powerfull STM32F4 Arm Cortex M4 micro .

1024 kbyte Flash and

196 Kbyte ram.

168 Mhz cpu speed.


Standard Video Input interface.

Integrate FPU (Floating Point Unit) for example the SQR function on STM103 is doing in 1200 cycles on STM32F4 it doing in 196 cycle. 10x fast

Integrate DSP hardware unit good for hardware matrix transformation , DCT and IDCT functionality.

12 bit analog input.

16 bit PWM output.

more detail on micro architecture :


check the official ST video presentation for more info about the new micro.


I'm very happy to choose 1 years ago to invest on ST micro instead of SAM3U Atmel micro . ST doing us a big opportunity with this new microcontroller.

The platform is yet available for developer for more info about it contact me at


Is available the IMU revision of MP32V3FX .

We integrate on same board the MPU6000 that use SPI bus and DMA to transfer data between the micro and imu sensor.

in this sensor is available:

  • Tri-Axis angular rate sensor (gyro) with a sensitivity up to 131 LSBs/dps and a full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000dps
  • Tri-Axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g 
  • Digital Motion Processing™ (DMP™) engine offloads complex MotionFusion, sensor timing synchronization and gesture detection


Check this link for more info about the product :


With this kind of architecture is posible to fly without any other kind of board. Is a good and powerfull RTF board.


To be continued ... :)


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