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Dear Friends,

this month we have a lot of news and update on MP32 board and project :

This is a fly of Ardupirates32 NG for Gaui 300XS : frame , esc motors and propellers.



1) VRIDE 0.0.4 is available :

the new feature available are :

- i2c lib at 400 khz.

- new bootloader available with security feature when your in flight , jumper for activate bootloader.

- update firmware using usb .


2) Ardupirates 32 NG on mp32 work fine , main loop is limit to 800 hz i have tested :

- acro mode.

- stable mode.

- magnetometer , gps and barometer.

- GPS hold work fine .

- Altitude hold could be better.


3) VRIMU is available :

- Sensor board with two option : inversense and analog device gyro , accelerometer and magnetometer.

- Navi Board with gps , barometer and differential pressure sensor (Option) , analog and digital input output available.


4) First Revision of Arducopter 2.0 available as starting point for checking functionality :


- All Low level library ported to new MP32 in pre alpha revision.

- Firs revision of code compile .

- The ide is available on repo as VRIMU ready for start to test it.


5) RTF firmware for Gaui 330XS available. contact me at : for more info.


6) A lot of people start to fly with mp32 ... some video ...


7) Price of new product :

The module available and price follow :

MP32                          84,00 euro  120,00 $
S.Board con Mag.        78,00 euro 110,00$
S.Board senza Mag.     70,00 euro 99,00$
NAVI no mag no GPS   43,00 euro  60,50 $
Navi con Mag e GPS   122,00 euro 175,00$
Pitot                             29,00 euro 41,00$

This price include tax (italy 20% VAT) :(

Entry level system with Gyro rate control and Stable mode is good for FPV:
MP32 + Sensor Board with or without MAG.

UAV system is GPS hold , altitude hold .. working progress for RTH and Waypoint navigation :
MP32 + Sensor Board with or withMAG + NAVI with GPS.

For order send a mail to






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Ardupirates Console

Not sure if I have installed this correctly - I had errors when decompressing the archive although it seems to have installed ok.

When it is run it gives a series of Out of Range Exception errors for value 0 not being vaolid. Any suggestions?



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The project is about controlling digital cameras remotely using USB PTP commands and adding telemetry and camera feedback data to the video signal coming from the controlled camera. The main purpose is to be applied on UAV projects, otherwise, it can be used on every kind of camera remote controlling and shooting.

The hardware used here allows some nice extrapolations of the project. Let's say you could use the USB Host to attach another kind of peripheral like a video-game Bluetooth to control a rover or you could add a USB HID compliant touch-panel to a custom display to interact with OSD data and so on. It's a great DIY hardware.

You can read all the details and the history of the project by clicking here.

Welcome to the ArduCam OSD Project!

Sandro Benigno.

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In this video you can see the first flight doing with Virtual Robotix IMU , in the test i only check the sensor board , Gyro and Accelerometer , in the next test i check navy and input output functionality.


Today was a windy day , after solve with Randy a problem on the YAW control .. i doing the preflight check , all seem to work fine and so decide to going in the sky.


I'm using the same PID used with oilpan , there're not significant difference ... In the next day i try to use 300 °/s gyro ADXL 610 to check the difference respect of Inversense.

I think that the new board will be available in the next week for the people that are interest to evaluate it .



70867809?profile=RESIZE_480x480This board is an upgrade of original Oilpan board , it's compatibile at 80 % with the original dirver , my idea was to improve it and put my experience on gps and uav on it. I add some feature as subsystem power control , gps battery backup , improve temperature compensation on gyro , add gyro that i used on MP8 the same of mikrokopter.

In these days i doing small upgrade to adc driver and to the code .. i think that tomorrow i can doing a first flight for test it , On Artificial horizon yet is ok .. i need to upgrade the driver of compass .. and right projection.

My idea is to have only one board put on MP32 or APM without , cable to or header to connect the device togheter .. if you need can disconnect the sensor imu and put it where you want and can connect it by cable to navy board.

Do you like VR IMU ? This is tech info :


Preliminary VR IMU 1.0 (Dominate the Sky) Technical specification:


Imu Sensor :

  • 1 Gyro Z : Inversense ISZ500 500 °/s resolution 1 axis.
  • 1 Gyro XY : Inversense IDG500 500 °/s resolution 2 axis.
  • 3 Gyro ADXL 610 300°/s resolution same used on Mikrokopter (option).
  • 1 ACC ADXL 335 3G resolution.
  • 1 Magnetometer 3 Axis HMC5883 compass functionality.
  • 1 ADC 12 BIT ADS7844 8 channel. 2 channel used for temp compensation.
  • 1 FET for ON / OFF subsystems.
  • Possible to disconnect the Imu sensor and connect to Navi by a cable.

Navi Sensor:

  • Barometer : BMP085
  • GPS Mediatek all in one (Default) protocol MTK16 10 Hz update integrated Aerial.
  • Locosys GPS (optional).
  • UBlox GPS (optional).
  • GPS Battery Backup.
  • 1 FET for ON / OFF subsystems.

Input Output:

  • 6 12 Bit analog input available for Board Setup or for interconnect accessories.
  • 4 Digital Output
  • 3 Status Led available
  • Differential pressure sensor for air speed. ( possible to disconnect from in-out board and connect it by cable)

Product page :

Best Roberto

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Multipilot32 April 11 Monthly Update

Dear Friends,
in last month we're some great news from FoxTeam and Virtualrobotix community.
We are doing our first Gps hold , Altitude hold test.

Some user start to fly with his quad based on Multipilot32 with Ready to Fly firmware and hardware setup
With standard Oilpan IMU :
or with Custom analog sensor and neet so solve some iusse :( ...
or with retrofit gaui ...
Now we're working on the sonar , altitude hold and start to work on ACM 2.0 library and firmware ...

I'm very happy of this first result ... some news for other people on our team ?


In the next week we will present the new Imu and MP32 RTF.


Thanks for your support



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