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In last two months we are working to new special console for control our drone , gimbal , rc models ... we develop a special application on android and some hardware interface for interconnect different kind of tx radio module. Our idea is to virtualize the hardware interface and have a flexible enviroment for control different kind of application.

This is only a preview of our work in the picture above is possible to see the direct interface with Jeti radio tx module.




In this kind of configuration the VR Droid PAD connect directly by a custom hardware the Jeti Tx module.

So is possible to use same reciver on your drone without change it. 








VR Droid RC is software that turns your Android smartphone or your pad into a powerful digital remote control for use with your radio model.
Is designed to be used on Rover or Drones or professional use. It 'sa project dynamic and evolving based on feedback from users of our community:

The main features are:
- Ability to manage up to 8 channels.
- 4 Channel standard for management ROLL, PITCH, YAW and Throttle.

- Auto Repositioning of 2 main stick when you put the finger on the screen.

- 5 additional channels of digital or analog.
- Management of the minimum and maximum for each channel.
- Management Trim
- Management subtrim.
- Reverse channel management.
- Configuration management esponeziali on standard channels.
- Management of up to two simultaneous feedback with vibration and sound feedback to throttle on the second audio output.
- Management mode 1,2,3,4 as standard RC trasmitter.
PPMSUM standard output compatible with the most 'popular radio modules tx.
Manages two modes: configuration and live to allow the maximum fluidity of the commands and the maximum configurability by users.

The current version is a preview suitable only for beta testing use it carefully.

Check the forum for have more detail about the application development

If anyone want to share their experiences testing/using this app, or want to discuss anything in my blog post´s this forum thread can be used here we add also the schematics of op amp for interface VR Radio RC to your pad.


This is our facebook fan page :


News on revision 1.4 27/03/2013

1) New name , we change the name to application the old was VR DROID RC Trasmitter , we change it in VR Radio RC , more simple , we change also the link in google play:) 

2) We deactivate the limit inside the application and add some special function for customize the widget available on main screen , we prefer mantain priority on control of drone . So on the scrreen you choose to have only virtual stick.

3) Add the configuration of radius of virtual stick it's customizable directly inside the option pannel.

4) Improve Option pannel its more simple and better organized.

5) Add the Expo control for the stick.

5) Add feeback on 3 channel : gas ( on 1 speaker channel) and pitch  (on vibro) is fixed and you can add 1 other feedback and decide if is on yaw or roll on vibro . 


This is the link at : Vr Radio RC rev 1.4 in  google play :


Try it and send us some suggestions for improve the application and the interface.



Roberto Navoni


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Buonasera a tutti,

oggi e' stata una giornata storica , dopo 3 anni dalla nascita della community oggi è nata la società cooperativa VirtualRobotix Italia Scarl , startup tecnologica ... costituita come spin off di MpxLab Scarl un organismo di ricerca privato con sede al Kilometro Rosso di Bergamo.
Ecco la foto del brindisi ... purtroppo alcuni dei soci sono dovuti scappar via subito dopo l'atto dal notaio .. contiamo nelle prossime foto di esserci proprio tutti 

I soci fondatori sono 15 un bel numero ... a breve se ne aggiungeranno ... mission della struttura agevolare lo sviluppo di tecnologie robotiche volanti terresti e marine sia nel settore ludico , della ricerca ed innovazione che nel settore professionale. 

Il primo evento pubblico di VRI sarà il ModelExpoItaly di Verona dove avremo uno stand !!!

Ci occuperemo di tante cose , dall'inventare e sviluppare nuove tecnologie made in italy e proporle al mondo , alla formazione di piloti per applicazioni professionali ,sviluppare droni certificati ecc ecc .

Da oggi esiste una realtà creata da tanti appassionati che hanno voluto fare della loro passione il loro lavoro 

se qualcuno vuole avere info per aderire alla nostra iniziativa o per conoscerne i dettagli ci puo' contattare

Un saluto a tutti
Roberto Navoni

Hello to everybody,

today is an historic day for us, after 3 years from the birth of the community we finally founded the company VirtualRobotix Italia s.c.a.r.l. formed as a spin off of MpxLab Scarl a private research organization based at Kilometro Rosso of Bergamo (Italy).


Here is a photo of the toast ... Unfortunately, some of the members were not present but we expect in the next picture to be all.


We are 15 founding members (quite a number...) and others will join shortly and we are all driven by the will to transform their passion into a work.


Our  mission is to facilitate the development of  air, terrestrial and marine robotic technologies for the  recreational, research and professional use.

We will take care of many things

-          inventing and developing new technologies made ​​in Italy and offering them to the world

-          training of pilots for professional applications

-           developing and certification of drones

-          Offer specific services as Aerial Video and Photography

…And many other bound only by our imagination


The first public event of VRI will be at the “ModelExpoItaly” of Verona (2-3 March 2013) , where we will have a 36sqm booth!

If you need more  info on how to join our initiative or need to know more details about our mission you can contact us at


Greetings to all,

Roberto Navoni

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VR Brain at the "Palais de la découverte"

Hi everybody,

The project "ArdUFO : un drone au service de tous" was selected during the December holidays for being presented at the "Palais de la découverte" at Paris, on February 9th 2013, as part of the "Olympiades de Physique France" contest. 70892757?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

The UAV was created thanks to Roberto Navoni and his magnificent card : VR BRain !

The day ended with the awards ceremony. After some speeches of the selection board, the awards were finally released, and we finished with a second price !

We now decided to continue with the C.Génial contest, to perform our project.

You can follow us on our website :


The ArdUFO project

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Stefan a member of VirtualRobotix community from spain , doing a great job , one years ago send me first revision of openpilot revision of firmware for VRBrain. 

After some times of development yesterday , doing me a great news,  Stefan send me the VRBrain patch for TauLab project , a fork of openpilot project fully compatible with VRBRAIN.

He add the support of VRBrain directly inside the main code of autopilot and also inside the CGS as is possible to see in the screenshot.

He doing also first flight test :

this is the first video doing in indoor

and outdoor

The test is doing in a windy and cold days.

In this attachment you found the file for upgrade the bootloader of vrbrain and use TauLabs project.

You need to add the patch to original TauLab project here the code :

This is the VR Brain Patch

Now the FoxTeam start to check the code and fly it , if some one interest to alfa stage of testing is welcome :)

Thanks a lot for your work Stefan !!! :) 

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Nexus 7 (Andropilot) radio "docking"

My new telemetry project.
My plan is to use these items to make an Nexus 7 telemetry radio docking:

Mount the 3DR radio module in the plastic box
Mount the box/radio on the Nexus Cover
Mount the Nexus cover on the FPV monitor mount.

Have ordered the different parts.

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Asia Tech Drones is a supplier of FPV / UAV fixed wing aircraft and support equipment.

Introducing the Cyclops Hobby UAV / FPV plane.

Cyclops Specifications and Performance

Cruise Speed > 28 knots
Max speed ~ 68 knots
Stall speed @4.3 lbs ~ 11 knots
Climb Rate > 2000 ft/min
Wingspan ~ 106.5 in
Wing area ~ 608.7 sq in
Fuselage Length ~ 46.2 in
Dry weight ~ 2.8 lbs
Loaded weight ~6.1 lbs (3.0 lbs of Lipo / Payload)
Flight duration > 3 hours (payload dependent)
Configuration options included in kit: T Tail & V Tail, Belly Wheel

This is the ultimate in a DIY Fixed Wing airframe that will give you all the flexibility and performance to do whatever you may want to in the FPV or UAV activities.

The Cyclops is actually Two Planes in one kit.

Materials: EPO Foam - Wings, Fuselage and Tail; Carbon Fiber - Tail boom, Wing spars and Tail support components; Plywood - Internal structure & support; Plastic – Misc. parts.

Fully Composite Version Cyclops available soon.

Recommended & Optional Hardware NOT included: 
(6) 12-17g metal gear, digital servos. Motor: Foxtech W48-30 kv370 or .10 -.15 size motor; ESC 40-60 amp; BEC =/>5 amp; 6s LiPo Batteries; (2) 9g Servos for P/T camera; (1) 9g Servo for Pan of Belly camera; Nose Camera, Belly Camera, Tx, APM Autopilot.

Introductory / Pre-order price: $175 (first 1200 kits only) 
Regular price: $200 *Does NOT include shipping.

Additional info contact: Asia Tech Drones S.A. Email:

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I bought two VR BRAIN,

the first I 've left the original,

while in the second I replaced the connectors




12232298686?profile=originalI 've inserted in its box and is very compact!


Roberto !

by Dino

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Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division's Norfolk Detachment is seeking maritime-related Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology demonstration candidates from industry, acedemia, and Government research and development organization in support of a Capability Demonstration to be hosted in April for the United Kingdom's Defense Science and Technology Laboratory. 


The April demonstration will explore emerging UAS technologies and technical applications to improve situational awareness during small boat operations.


Applications to participate are due Feb. 19, 2013.  Detailed information is available online at FedBizOps at, and searching solicitation number N0016713FRI01.


Those interested in participating should contact

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Jeti RMK2 Failsafe setup


After a bas experience with an Hexa loss control, I decided to setup my Failsafe function on my MP32.

I have a Jeti RMK2 PPMSUM receiver with a Futaba FF9 2.4ghz Jeti module.

I used my Jeti Box Mini to execute the process.

I also used a WIKI link about Mikrokopter.

Here is the link :

Follow all the steps on the scheme and you'll get the wanted result.

I made setup only on the channel 3 (throttle) but you can setup every channel if you want.

Step 15 is very important for setting the right value for your model. I held my model by hand I tried to power off my transmitter to see the failsafe behaviour.

For a safe process, it is better to execute test without props !


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In the last months on the market appear a lot of low cost micro quad , they are very nice toys i like a lot play with it . But the main problem is that the standard electronic is not hackable and i cannot use my radio for control the quad. So i decide to evaluate if was possible interface a quad toy frame with my VRBRAIN.

  • The main tets that i doing was the payload and discover that was possible to going in air with a payload of 100 gr. VRBrain in Naked configuration is only 21 gr
  • The other problem was how i can manage the motors ? So i doing a bit of retro eng and discover the electronic need to my vrbrain for control the dc motors.
  • After solve the electronic problem i start to check the patch to firmware and found how can change the pwm parameter for control the dc motors.
  • Other problem was the battery , normally the quad toys use a 1s battery but the standard input voltage is 5volt. So i check the schematics of vrbrain and found a 3volt input , put on the 1s battery a small 3.3volt stabilizer and put the output on the gps output 3.3v .
  • After last patch i thought that i'm ready for first fly , but last things  was the radio ... fortunately my Jeti receiver work also at 3.3volt  so it work , i have only a signal on my radio about low level voltage ... :(


The final result was this : I'm happy to present VR Pico Drones , basically it use standard arducopter32 2.9 on my VRBRAIN and support all standard functionality available in arducopter , stable , acro , loiter , rtl and auto navigation . So this is smallest Arducopter drone available on the planet :) This is only first prototype the wheight is 110 gr. My idea is to doing some optimization on board and have a 85 gr drone capable of 10 minutes of funny fly.


After some days of hard work this is my first fly test . I'm very happy of this first results :) The main target of this development is to use VRBRAIN for learning to fly during winter days in indoor. I play a lot with simulator but fly with a real copter is better.

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Andropilot - Android ground controller

Some more information on my setup to test the Andropilot app using VRBRAIN




In my test, I use:

- My great VRBRAIN Controller running the latest 2.9 firmware

- 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 433Mhz

- USB OTG adapter

- Google Nexus 7 tablet (other android Tablets and Phones can be used)

- The Andropilot Application


The 3DR Radio module is Connected to the telemetry com port on my VRBRAIN (TX, RX; GND and +5V)

In the image, I Power my VRBRAIN using the USB cable.

No hacking - all Plug and Play :-)

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