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This is first halt hold (acc z compensation)  + loiter of VRBRAIN using TauLab Firmware (Open Pilot Fork)

Dear Friends,

after some months of work Stefan send me last update about his work on Taulabs Project.

this is his Repo on Github :


Taulab is a fork of Original Open Pilot project , some guys decide to fork it and develop a code that support a lot of different platform .

The main advantages of this project is that native at 32 bit , use a operating system and all the code is write in pure c , not use c++ class. 

A lot more complex of other project but very interesting for developers.

The other advantages of work doing by Stefan is the opportunity to doing some benchmark between two firmware that use same hardware VR Brain . 

Could be interesting evaluate the quality and performance of firmware ported to 32 bit platform as Arducopter32 rev and TauLab that instead use an Operating system and is 32 bit native. 

This is only a introduction of work doing by Stefan he promise me that create a post with more info about his works :)


So this is some example of how vrbrain fly with TauLab Project firmware 

Stable fly :

Simple Fly :


The next step will be : return to home , auto landing and navigation waypoint :)


Original blog post :


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As a harbinger for the Paramount film “Star Trek – Into Darkness”, starting in May in Europe’s cinemas, last night a swarm of 30 mini-helicopters equipped with the LED lights drew the Star Trek logo into the skies over London. The choreography for the show was developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab from Linz (Austria). Quadrocopter maker Ascending Technologies GmbH from Munich (Germany) provided the aircrafts.

30 LED-equipped mini-helicopters, for its four rotors also called quadrocopters, started last night to a spectacular show: They drew the Star Trek logo into the night sky over the city of London. Film producer Paramount had commissioned the flying light sculpture.

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First Italian Virtual Robotix Hacking Day

This week end we doing first Virtual Robotix Hacking day . 

Our Pilot meet Emile and assist to a first course for use VRBrain 4.0 on their drone.

In the morning we introduce the basic functionality of VR Brain and Mission planner and in the afternon we going to field and doing some flight test.

The next meeting will be about the advanced functionality of VR Brain.

After two days of teaching and testing  all Drone are on air and we help our Pilot to found a lot o small configuration problem. During the day we test all functionality available in last revision of code available for VRBrain 4.0 Arducopter32 rev 2.91-RC2 all work fine. The code after some bug correction work very well and   could be affordable , we need doing some hours of test before to confirm first impression.

Thanks to all guys that support this events :)

Marco join us in our test with his great review of VRBRAIN during a storm mounted on a medium okto coaxial quad.

more info FB  page :


Roberto Navoni

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70894192?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I´m going to start testing Roberto´s New VrDroidRC Android app.

To have a platform where I can use my Nexus 7 tablet as a combined Ground Station and radio (using AndroPilot or VrDroidRC), I have made a combined Nexus 7 dock and enclosure to mount the electronics.
 Maybe later VrDroidRC have telemetry and FPV support, so I don´t have to use AndroPilot ?

Here I have mounted a G10 plate and some 30mm standoffs on the back of a Nexus 7 protective back-cover

70894312?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024The other side

70894373?profile=originalThe other part, where I have made hole to support an Futaba style TX module and a 3DR 433Mhz telemetry module

70894411?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024From the other side (I´m using an ASSAN TX module in my test setup)
In the other hole I plan to Mount a display showing my TX LiPo status

70894399?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024From the side


70894435?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Running Roberto´s great app :-)

As it is now, it can be used as a mobile AndroPilot ground station (only need an USB OTG cable between the 3DR telemetry radio and the Nexus 7 tablet).

I´m waiting for some Components that I need to make Roberto´s OpAmp adapter that is needed to Connect the TX module to the mini-jack on the tablet.

I also need a battery (plan to use a 9,6V LiFe Tx battery) to Power the TX module + an 5V UBEC to get 5V for the OpAmp module.

I have used a small USB hub between the Nexus and the 3DR radio, so now I have 3 free USB if I want to test other modules..

I´ll continue when my OpAmp adapter is ready - showing how I made it..

When it is ready, I plan to test The App controlling a quad in a SIM, and if it Works my next test is controlling a Q-BOT micro quad.

Use this forum thread to discuss The app


Sorry about my bad speling..


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After one year of first experiment with 3d fast prototyping frame , we try to choose a new design for the next step ,  help us to choose better : 

Some upgrade to proposal (B) :


Original design Proposal (0)




We start to evaluate next step and start to promote to our customers and our community new  design ... 

These are first proposal , reply to this blog post with your prefered design help us to choose better: 


First proposal (A):





Second proposal (B):






Third proposal (C):






If you want to propose some upgrade or different kind of approach  write your suggestions ... 

This is only first selection ... to be continued ...

by a young italian designer :  Carlo Ceruti  a project :)


Roberto Navoni


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VirtualRobotix al ModelExpoItaly

Thanks to everyone that passed us at the Model Expo Italy Verona ... today 'was a good day ... in the evening we were destroyed ... are now in a hotel near the fair, tomorrow it starts again ... from 9.00
Today I met many friends VirtualRobotix, Diydrones and BaroneRosso and not only that we have gone to find, Rino, who was here at the stand of FIAM, Michael is' doing acrobatic flights with its quad here in the aviary Pad 7, Ale with Joseph, Marco Robustini that I always see with pleasure, Rfale, and many others. My "MEMBERS" today are given in thousands of presentations, Emile, Flavio and Marco Masiero, we flew in the aviary in pair with their drones based VRBrain and Mikrokopter.
Tomorrow it's up to Drones "Professional" for video applications and civil protection, etc. etc. etc. ... So who wants to see them live and not just in our video finds us at our stand and also during the day with presentations in the aviary of the main stand.
Greetings to all and see you tomorrow in the meantime a video made by Daniele with our drones that tomorrow you will see the truth in action.

Grazie a tutti di essere passati a trovarci a Verona al Model Expo Italy ... oggi e' stata una bella giornata ... a sera eravamo distrutti ... ora sono in albergo vicino alla fiera , domani si ricomincia ... dalle 9.00
Oggi ho conosciuto tanti amici di VirtualRobotix , DIYDrones e del BaroneRosso e non solo che ci sono passati a trovare , Rino che era qui allo stand della FIAM , Michele che sta' facendo voli acrobatici con i suoi quad qui nella voliera del Pad 7 , Ale con Giuseppe ,Marco Robustini che vedo sempre molto voleniteri , Rfale , e tanti altri  I miei "SOCI" oggi si sono dati in mille presentazioni , Emile , Flavio e Marco Masiero , abbiamo volato nella voliera anche in coppia con i loro droni basati su VRBrain e su Mikrokopter .
Domani tocca ai Droni "Professionali" per riprese video e applicazioni di protezione civile ,ecc ecc ecc ... Quindi chi vuole vederli live e non solo nei nostri video ci trova al nostro stand e anche durante la giornata con presentazioni nella voliera principale dello stand. 
Un saluto a tutti e a domani nel frattempo un video fatto da Daniele con i nostri droni che domani potrete vedere dal vero in azione 

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