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Today i recived this mail , I would share it with the member of Dev Team , Thanks a lot :)

It is with great pleasure that I send you this news.
There has been a project in Portugal in which an autonomous boat and hexacopter cooperate for monitoring of rivers.

We just recently have been mentioned in Hack a Day
The hexacopter uses the VrBrain as it's controller, and some additional hardware. I thought you would be happy to know about this usage of the VrBrain and maybe help share it.
Thank you so much for reading and for all the work you have put into this.
 Paulo Rodrigues

Thank you too Paulo and at your team for this great work :) 


This is the Post on hackaday :)



Every once in a while we get a tip for a project that really, really, really blows our minds.This is one of them.

It looks like a basic catamaran with a few extra bells and whistles — except it is so much more than that. You’re looking at a fully Autonomous Surface Vehicle, complete with a piggybacking 6-rotor UAV. It’s decked out in cameras, sonar sensors, laser rangefinders, high accuracy GPS-RTK tracking, an IMU, oh, and did we mention the autonomous 6-rotor UAV capable of taking off and landing on it?

It all started out as a simple experiment within ECHORD (the European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development), and since then it has become a fully funded project atUNINOVA, a Centre of Technology and Systems in Portugal.

The purpose of the mind-blowing robot team is to collect data of river environments — think of it as Google Maps 2.0 — which is almost an understatement for what it is capable of.

You seriously have to watch the video after the break.

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VRBrain 5.0 Light
The entry level revision of our new board . It's real DIY , cheap and affordable as 8 bit platform with the power of next gen autopilot technology , and a lot of great improvment . Keep in touch for more info ..
It support APM Copter, APM Plane and Rover in last revision.


VRBrain 5.0 NuttX O.S.
After 4 revisions of boards without full support for a Operating systems it's the time to fully support NuttX O.S. on VRBrain , ew features that are coming.


VRBrain 5.0 PRO
In Europe there are some country start to certify UAV technology for Commercial application , In USA in 2015 the market will be open . VRBrain 5.0 Pro it will be right platform for H2020 research project , Virtual Robotix will be technical support for develop affordable and powerfull UAV technology. Can Bus , Fault tolerant solutions , Advanced hybrid configuration ... a lot of impressive new opportunity to develop the UAV of your dreams.

These picture take yesterday in VRLAB the first RC1 VRBrain 5.0 is ready and under test ...

on our repo appear first release of code for the last revision of VRBrain Board ...

For more info about new product or H2020 research project send a mail to

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During my alpha testing with the "APM Copter V3.0" i immediately reported to the dev team that the Loiter mode was very accurate but is not allowed to fly normally, like with other system like DJI and Mikrokopter.
We preferred to make the Loiter mode that would serve to accurately reposition the multirotor, and to help beginners to move safely.
An italian friend and developer, Sandro Tognana, collected my challenge and started to develop a flight mode as I wanted, in line with the other famous flight control board.
Another awesome programmer, Julien Dubois, has joined our team and has worked actively to implement the complicated wind compensation.
After several months of development and testing are pleased to present the "Hybrid flight mode", a sort of "flyable Loiter" with wind compensation.
This new mode is currently being debugged (in alpha phase), it is therefore not available to the public, of course, will have to go into the hands of APM Copter Dev Team who will decide whether to adopt it in an upcoming release.
The results in my video are great, sorry but the audio is bad because it was very windy today, and anyway i speak Italian (soon the subtitles), however, is clearly seen as a "Hybrid" works, is almost perfect.
The tests were carried out on APM and VR Brain, but of course will work on any board that installs "APM Copter" suck PX4 and Pixhawk.
I will keep you updated on the "Hybrid" developments, i'll open a discussion about this with other APM Copter developers to assess any changes in the code.

I want to say thanks to Sandro and Julien for their great work!

Original blog post : by Marco Robustini :)

Bests, Marco

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Happy New Year from Virtualrobotix's TEAM


Best wishes for a happy New Year from the team of Virtualrobotix

ALBANIAN Gëzuar vitin e ri
ALSATIAN e glëckliches nëies / güets nëies johr
ARABIC aam saiid / sana saiida
ARMENIAN shnorhavor nor tari
AZERI yeni iliniz mubarek
AFRIKAANS gelukkige nuwejaar

ITALIAN buon anno, felice anno
BAMBARA bonne année
BASQUE urte berri on
BELARUSIAN З новым годам (Z novym hodam)
BENGALI subho nababarsho
BERBER asgwas amegas
BETI mbembe mbu
BOBO bonne année
BOSNIAN sretna nova godina
BRETON bloavez mad
BULGARIAN честита нова година (chestita nova godina)
BIRMAN hnit thit ku mingalar pa
CANTONESE kung hé fat tsoi
CATALAN feliç any nou
CHINESE xin nièn kuai le / xin nièn hao
CORSICAN pace e salute
CROAT sretna nova godina
CZECH šťastný nový rok
DANISH godt nytår
DUTCH gelukkig Nieuwjaar
ESPERANTO felicxan novan jaron
feliæan novan jaron (Times SudEuro font)
ESTONIAN head uut aastat
FAROESE gott nýggjár
FINNISH onnellista uutta vuotta
FLEMISH gelukkig Nieuwjaar
FRENCH bonne année
FRIULAN bon an
GALICIAN feliz aninovo
GEORGIAN gilotsavt aral tsels
GERMAN ein gutes neues Jahr / prost Neujahr
GREEK kali chronia / kali xronia
eutichismenos o kainourgios chronos 
(we wish you a happy new year)
GUARANÍ rogüerohory año nuévo-re
HAWAIIAN hauoli makahiki hou
HEBREW shana tova
HINDI nav varsh ki subhkamna
KANNADA hosa varshada shubhaashayagalu
KHMER sur sdei chhnam thmei
KIRUNDI umwaka mwiza
KOREAN seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo
KURDE sala we ya nû pîroz be
HUNGARIAN boldog új évet
ICELANDIC farsælt komandi ár
INDONESIAN selamat tahun baru
IRISH GAELIC ath bhliain faoi mhaise
JAPANESE akemashite omedetô
KABYLIAN asseguèsse-ameguèsse
NORWEGIAN godt nytt år
MACEDONIAN srekna nova godina
MALAGASY arahaba tratry ny taona
MALAY selamat tahun baru
MALTESE sena gdida mimlija risq
MAORI kia hari te tau hou
MONGOLIAN shine jiliin bayariin mend hurgeye 
(Шинэ жилийн баярын мэнд хvргэе)
MORÉ wênd na kô-d yuum-songo
LAO sabai di pi mai
LATIN felix sit annus novus
LATVIAN laimīgo Jauno gadu
LINGALA bonana / mbula ya sika elamu na tonbeli yo
LITHUANIAN laimingų Naujųjų Metų
LOW SAXON gelükkig nyjaar
LUXEMBOURGEOIS e gudd neit Joër
OCCITAN bon annada
PERSIAN sâle no mobârak
POLISH szczęśliwego nowego roku
PORTUGUESE feliz ano novo
ROMANI bangi vasilica baxt
ROMANIAN un an nou fericit / la mulţi ani
RUSSIAN С Новым Годом (S novim godom)
SAMOAN ia manuia le tausaga fou
SANGO nzoni fini ngou
SOBOTA dobir leto
SPANISH feliz año nuevo
SWAHILI mwaka mzuri
SWEDISH gott nytt år
SWISS-GERMAN äs guets Nöis
SARDINIAN bonu annu nou
SCOTTISH GAELIC bliadhna mhath ur
SERBIAN srecna nova godina
SHONA goredzwa rakanaka
SINDHI nain saal joon wadhayoon
SLOVAK stastlivy novy rok
SLOVENIAN srečno novo leto
TAMIL iniya puthandu nalVazhthukkal
TATAR yana yel belen
TELUGU nuthana samvathsara subhakankshalu
TAGALOG manigong bagong taon
TAHITIAN ia ora te matahiti api
THAI (sawatdii pimaï)
TIBETAN tashi délek
TURKISH yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun
UKRAINIAN Z novym rokom
URDU naya saal mubarik
WALOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) bone annéye / bone annéye èt bone santéye
WELSH blwyddyn newydd dda
YIDDISH a gut yohr
VIETNAMESE Chúc Mừng Nam Mới / Cung Chúc Tân Niên / Cung Chúc Tân Xuân

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