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Example of VR Drone configuration : Tiger Shark in X8 configuration + VR Gimbal + VR Easyshot the camera is an Nex6

An onboard video from Tigershark see the quality of loiter in azimutal video :)  The Flight board is a VRBrain with APM Copter revision 3.1.13


These are some video example from our user more available here :





After one year of development Gimbal VR has become a stable product.

The latest revision of firmware, we have implemented several functions to make more 'precise and reliable control of brushless gimbal.


In addition to improved hardware and firmware have also worked a lot on the mechanics of these two gimbal one dedicated to compact cameras and another for professional cameras.








The VRGimbal is the only 3-axis  opensource gimbal board. Last update is available here.

If you want help us in development join us :)


The goal of the project is complete integration between the autopilot that use  APM code Copter, Plane and Rover to develop complex functions such as object tracking.

It 'available on the wiki APM is an example of how to integrate VRGimbal with cards based on how VRBrain APM, APM 2.6 or Pixhawke.




Randy join in test and developing of VRGimbal and add this page to APM WIKI :

This is official VR Gimbal wiki page.


Join us to official discussion group :


The board is available you can buy it at :


Original blog post :


if you need more info contact us at :




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