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Interesting OpenSource project that use only a simple RaspberryPI 0 as DVB-S transmitter + RTL-SDR dongle  as receiver. 
This is less expensive DVB-S trasmitter ever developed. 
All the project is by Evariste he is a great developer and member of HAM Radio community ... now we are working togheter to a revision of system with low latency that fit the requirment of drone community .... now the latency is 2.5 second could became 200 ms with a power ampli for real use in outdoor scenario. If some one would join to beta testing of the system are welcome :)
This is the github where you can found the source code of the project .

The receiver is an RTL-SDR standard dongle available on store like amazon or ebay for price less 30 $ . The decode is done using SDR technology the software from decoding is from Pabr the name is leandvb . This is the link .

This software decode DVB-S directly from rtl-sdr stream. It's impressive :) 

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A good news for company that would use Ardupilot Flight Control for professional application . Laser Navigation my company  produce VR Brain Flight Control boards this year at 6th board revision for different kind of application succesfully end the Stage 2 of Aerospace Space quality certification AS9100 . The quality certification is for develop drone , hardware and software for aerospatial market. 

VR Brain support Ardupilot firmware and our lab support the development of custom hardware for Quadcopter , Plane , Tradhely and Rover and would support .

In september start the production of board with this kind of quality process. This is the first step for start to work to Eurocae / FAA certified products and firmware. Are there other company with same level of quality in its production or development process ? Could be nice join force for improve quality of our products around the world.

For more info about pro application , company profile and case history contact me at

or check my blog post here: ;about our last development.

The standard boards and accessories available here :

Our Facebook group with last info from our lab is here  : the language of group is italian but is simple to translate in english or ask directly in Eng and we reply to you :) 


Roberto Navoni

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