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I have bought a GPS + Compass board, i would like to connect it to the VRbrain.

Does anybody knows how to do it?


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Hello, I have just updated the WIKI on wordress with the instructions:

Please follow this page and let me know if something is unclear.

It is still work in progress, and I will upload some pictures in the next days.

You will need to upload a specific firmware, please use the download section and look for the firmware for your Multirotor with the _EXT-COMP suffix.

Note that only QUAD, TRIS, HEXAs an Y6 are supported because you need to use output 7 and 8 to attache the compass.

Best regards,


Hi Emile

Thanks for the info.

I dont know where is the SDA trace, waiting for the photos

Thanks Amit

I would suggest you to keep the internal compas for any future need, and try to attach to the extenal ports (output 7 and 8).

Of course if you have other than OCTO or OCTO QUAD

In the next future we will supoprt double compass and double IMU for redundancy, so keeping your SDA track would benefit you from this feature.

In any case you need to oprepare a cable with standard RC connector, so once you prepared it you can attach to the port 7 and 8 and upload the firmware with external compass support:

This is for a Quad with GPS connected to the borad port and with external compass:

You can find the relative firmwares in the download page:



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