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I have bought two VR Brain boards and I have several questions/problems. Can anyone help me with the following questions:

- I can only connect using ST-Link/V2 to the boards using SWD. When I try to connect using JTAG option the "STM32 ST-Link

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ULN outputs

Hi, are the ULN outputs directly connected to the external pins or is there a resistor in between?

I'm asking because I was trying to drive an NPN transistor base but I did not get the expected output current.

If a resistor us already in place, which

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Newbie guidance

Greetings all,

JP19 is for GPS.  On the ArduPilot Mega it is for GPS as well, but on the Multipilot 2.0 the straight pin male header are so long as to not allow anything to connect to it if the OilPan is mounted.

This is the link that I have been look

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