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I have one on pre order, I don't know if anyone has received theirs yet, but maybe one of the tech guys will know in any case.

I have translated a section of the italian manual for 4.5 and it indicates that the input can be set to measure an output from a current sensor. Is this possible with the microbrain?

I have an APM power module that I would like to modify to feed the current output signal (analogue voltage) into this input if possible so I can monitor battery discharge over telemetry.

edit, forgot to say I will be running arducopter firmware

Looking forward to receiving mine :)



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Hi Stu,

the first shipment of boards start tomorrow :) We finish to produce and test the first batch of boards. 

At the moment is possible to read the voltage don't the amp in vrbrain micro ... there are available some analog port on board so we can evaluate to implement a right driver for that feature. 

Do you want to use the VR Brain micro on Plane or on Copter ?



Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the update.

It will be in a multicopter, if you could investigate adding current as an option even if its at the expense of voltage I would be happy.





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