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In this video you can see a short video introduction to Multipilot Board. (Italian Version winth subtitle):



The Hardware part that you need to build your multicopter are :


1 MultipilotBoard.

3 Gyro Sensor.

4 I2C ESC.

1 RC Reciver with Serial PPM OUT.

1 RS232 - TTL converter.

1 RC Trasmitter.

1 Lipo.

This is your Multipilot Board with the essential connection:





Before to start see this video tutorial you need to download :


Arduino customized framework for Multipilot Board :


Latest Revision of Aeroquad 2.0 for Multipilot Board :

you can found in Download area:

or in SVN Redfox74 Branch , for downlad firmware use SVN client as Tortoise SVN

The name of the code is : Aeroquad20MP


Aeroquad have a good configurator for pre flight check the lastest version is avaible here :

The name of the code is : AeroquadConfigurator


Before to fligh normally I use this kind of console debug feature that i add on Multipilot , with this kind of approach normaly is possible to found some bugs before to fly (inversed gyro error on sensor , error on motor controll ecc )

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can we use this program even though we don't have a gps system
Yes is possible .. is not necessary to regular fly to use GPS
we are using four rotor we have kds7 model tx and rx . gyro, accelerometer,arudino board. should we have to make alternation in the program.
Depend of what kind of accelerometer / gyro do you use .. are you yet check the code ? Do you have some experience on arduino development software ?
My cpu is compatible ..
we have arudino328p duemilanove,its a 28 pin ic.
gyro full scale 300degree/sec ,3.3mv,
accelerometer +-2g.
aeroquad_v1.7 //code
aeroquad configuration_v2.5//configuration software.
Tx,Rx.kds mode 7channel rx tx.
this are all my utility in aeroquad hardware.
should i have to make any alter in the code version1.7. To have a stable hover.

can i using aeroquad 1.7 code and using the aeroquad configuration v2.5 software , the file
aeroquad.h communication byte fast transfer =0; in burn first the arudino chip next i connect the aeroquad configuration v2.5 show that not connect , than next i change the communication byte fast transfer =1; show the aeroquad configuration v2.5 is reading flight data and the flight version is shown "uu" and other problem is shown on image the transmitter roll channel is ideal

Check the baud rate of your arduino and configurator ... normaly in configurator you can choose the baud rate 115200 for example ...
in the code of aeroquad in setup() function you can found serial.init(115200) or other baud rate ..
Check it .. uu is not correct .. you can see the revision of code
Hi shanmuga,
is better to use Aeroquad 2.0.1 , in your configurator i see that gyro is ok , but is not ok the accelerometer , the pitch if out of scale and the Z is not correct ... you could see an a value around 212 .. I think that you have some problem on accelerometer.

i change the aeroquad v 2.1 so that say this problem
am using the 2 axis accelerometer ADXL322 so i change any thing that code, than i set the baud rate also 115200 and change other also, so the aeroquad configuration v2.5 not read my flight data give any solution that problem
my flight data is only read v2.5 software only the other version software is not read the flight data



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